Contractor Management Services: What to Choose?

Companies have a variety of options when they are choosing what kind of contractor management services they wish to employ in their business. The traditional way was to use a paper-based system where management recorded details on spreadsheets to keep track of workers. This system had obvious inefficiencies to do with how much time this process took and how there were gaps where workers could slip through. Contractors would arrive to a site and have to sit through an orientation and get their paperwork done before being able to start work. The orientation would often be conducted by a safety manager or supervisor so their valuable time is also being used up by training workers.

Online contractor management services are becoming more popular – and often required – method of contractor management for companies in heavy industry. This is due to a variety of reasons. Compliance is becoming an ever greater concern and management have more faith in the capabilities of specifically designed software, rather than manual practices which are susceptible to human error. Data protection and data security is another area which is becoming more of a focus for management. The traditional paper-based contractor management services meant that worker’s files and documents were kept in filing cabinets in a physical location, at risk of fire, accident or being misplaced.

Why Online?

The advantages of an online solution for your contractor management services can be summed up by one word: Efficiency. Compliance becomes much easier when qualifications, documents, insurance, safety statements, etc are handled online and stored in the cloud. Retrieval of such documents is a breeze compared to using a paper-based system, something which is so important given the recent European data regulations, such as GDPR.

With an online contractor management platform, you can ensure that your workers arrive ready to work on day one, having done their orientation and uploaded all their necessary documents to the online system. This is a major reason why online is so much more efficient. You might be shocked at how much time you save having your workers pre-trained and oriented when they arrive on-site. On top of this, you save the time of whoever was in charge of conducting orientations, allowing them to be productive members of your workforce. All of these added efficiencies mean that: Switching to an online solution for your contractor management services will result in reducing wasted time and reducing costs.

Why GoContractor?

GoContractor offers the ideal solution for your contractor management services needs. GoContractor is designed with contractors in mind and as a result offers market leading contractor management. The aim is to make life as simple as possible for you when you’re managing your contractors. With this in mind, GoContractor allows you to:

  • Register and approve your contract workers online in advance, hassle-free.
  • Reduce costs and save time.
  • Manage documents using custom registration forms that collect a worker’s information.
  • Manage worker and contractor company documents.
  • Create site-specific safety orientations that will adapt to a worker’s role, location, and language.
  • Achieve greater consistency in your training.
  • Get rid of paperwork by moving all training and contractor management online.
  • Capture and verify worker identity using our Identity Capture feature to ensure the worker who arrives on-site is the same one who undertook their orientation.
  • Continuously monitor and track contractors’ safety compliance and behavior using the GoContractor Traffic Light Feature.
  • Review dashboard and generate custom reports.

GoContractor offers far more flexibility than traditional contractor management systems. With GoContractor, workers can take training courses on any device in their own time and are ready to work before they step foot on-site, saving your company time and money. Training can be standardized across multiple sites so you have peace of mind that every worker receives a high level of orientation. An online solution also allows for the easy retrieval of documents and helps keep information secure, something which is critical given the ever-growing concerns about data protection.  

How Contractor Management Services Help with Safety Culture

One of the great things quality contractor management services enable you to do is to instill a safety culture in your workforce. A strong safety culture is one the best ways to ensure your workers are safe and productive. Leadership is key here because if there’s no commitment from the top, your chances of improving a culture of safety are slim. But to improve a great safety culture leadership must not only say it values safety, it must also show it with its actions by making it a focus of their orientations. Without that commitment from the top, it’s unlikely that any kind of safety initiative will go anywhere.

How to Build a Safety Culture in your Orientation:

  • Clearly define the safety responsibilities for each level of your organization.
  • Share your vision of safety so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety.
  • Educate your workforce on how important it is to report, injuries, first aids, and other safety issues. In other words, report, report, report.
  • review employer, supervisor and worker rights and responsibilities to show transparency across your business operations.
  • Emphasize accountability and hold everyone responsible for being involved in safety, especially managers and supervisors.
  • Establish a chain of command to make sure supervisors and managers are held accountable for responding to safety issues.
  • Provide multiple ways for employees to report safety issues.
  • Make every effort to celebrate success, which keeps safety on everyone’s radar.


The key to providing first class orientations is to ensure that your content is engaging and useful for your workers. You should endeavor to include as much site-specific content as possible as this has been proven to be more effective than generic content. An online contractor management services platform such as GoContractor provides easily customizable training courses, allowing you to create engaging orientations that will keep your workers safe and productive on-site.