Ebook: Tips to Make Your Contractor Part of the Team

site contractors

The importance of choosing the right site contractors for the work involved, integrating them into the team and software solutions which can make this easier.

As an employer, you have a certain amount of responsibility for the motivation and wellbeing of your workforce. For a team to function to the best of its ability, all members must be fully engaged and fully committed.

Before work begins site contractors may not be made to feel like part of a team and one of the reasons why this is most likely to occur is a lack of introduction to everyone on the team. They may not be aware of the job of everyone involved, not knowing who to ask if they have a problem.

If an unskilled site contractor is chosen, perhaps for a lower price, but without the skills required to comfortably work with others on-site, they are less likely to feel like part of a team. Also, these site contractors may not feel comfortable asking questions about, commenting on or even recognizing the unsafe behavior of others.

The six main tips mentioned below, are explained in more detail in this eBook and provide information such as the up-to-date software solutions used to keep a team of site contractors in contact. They can basically be described as.

  1. Feeling like a team before the project begins.
  2. Start-up meetings with everyone in the team involved.
  3. Repeating weekly meetings where questions can be asked, or problems raised.
  4. Software solutions, with team access to the latest information.
  5. Not placing the blame on others.
  6. Respecting the work and responsibilities of other site contractors.

Making site contractors feel like part of a team often makes them more likely to stay or return to another project, but it can also reduce the chance of an accident occurring when they feel comfortable working with other site contractors who they trust.