Ebook: How to Develop and Implement a Behavior Based Safety Program

behavior based safety program

The encouragement of safe behavior as something workers will be appreciated for, rather than punished for behavior which they may not even be aware of as unsafe, through a Behavior Based Safety Program.

While there are always workers recognized as not being bothered about the importance of safety, there are a lot more who have been identified as being unfamiliar with common safety practices. Some of the main reasons for this, are:

  • Workers not even aware they are behaving unsafely with poor training.
  • Not being encouraged to report any unsafe behavior recognized.

Behavior Based Safety is a practice which inspires workers to behave and perform their job safely through behavioral psychology. Instead of punishing workers (yelling, suspending, being fined), Behavior Based Safety encourages managers and safety managers to develop strategies to encourage workers to perform safer on-site through positive actions, such as recognition for behaving safely.

The main steps involved in Behavior Based Safety (BBS), begin with a design team being formed who understand what’s involved and are willing to take part in discovering the main problems and ways of changing them. Once these problems and their regularity have been identified, the main goals and these methods of change can be discussed. Modern technology is becoming more important to encourage, with online training meaning workers will be well trained before they arrive on-site. Mobile apps also mean they have full-time contact with people they can quickly report any problems to; problems noticed or a personal problems such as a broken-down vehicle.   

The main benefits of Behavior Based Safety are mentioned in more detail and just one that must be recognized is the greater respect workers are likely to have for their managers, making it clear that:

  • Their safety comes first
  • They won’t be punished for unsafe behavior if it wasn’t deliberate
  • They can safely report any dangerous behavior noticed.

This ebook goes into more detail, discussing:

  • Why serious accidents and injuries occur in the workplace
  • What a Behavior Based Safety program involves.
  • How to make this program a successful one.
  • The core benefits of a successful Behavior Based Safety program.