Ebook: Choosing the Right Topics for your Toolbox Talks

safety toolbox talks

How to plan and provide effective safety toolbox talks for a specific safety issue.

A toolbox talk is a very short informal safety talk and all about sharing best practice. Normally delivered on-site (not in a training room) and on a specific subject matter. It is a focused and to the point presentation with a specific safety message.


This is a short description of what safety toolbox talks involve and their common style of concentrating on a specific group of workers for a particular purpose. It’s important for a safety toolbox talk to be effective and well-planned, especially when work takes place in a high-risk environment, such as a construction site.

This eBook discusses the best methods of planning a safety toolbox talk, often concentrating on up-to-date safety issues or discussing recent violations. Also, deciding on the best ways to perform these toolbox talks, perhaps through presentations or hands-on training depending on the problems involved.


Some of the main ways of making safety toolbox talks more effective that are mentioned in more detail in this eBook, include:

  • Interactive: providing information and describing case-studies in a questions and answers format.
  • Storytelling: case-studies can have a bigger impact on safety issues than certain statistics or the costs involved.


Templates of safety toolbox talks for 10 different issues are listed, but there are still certain points that are relevant to most of them. For example, case-studies and questions which could be asked to the team afterwards, such as, how a certain accident could have been prevented or whether they know anyone who has suffered from the same type of accident. These questions would be relevant to the listed safety toolbox talks on subjects such as forklift safety, fire safety and accident reporting.


Download this eBook to find out more about:

  • The importance of organizing safety toolbox talks in heavy industries.
  • How to successfully plan your own toolbox talk.
  • 10 different templates of safety toolbox talks for various safety topics such as ladder safety, accident reporting and investigation.