Infographic: Elearning is On the Rise – Why?

As the use of eLearning continues to rise, some of the main benefits mentioned in this infographic, include the retention rate of information by 25-60%, compared to the classroom training rate of 8-10%. Other figures that are mentioned, show:

  • The rate of money saved
  • The lower rate of time taken.
  • The lower rate of CO² produced.
  • The lower rate of energy used.

One of the main benefits of eLearning mentioned in this infographic is the less time taken to carry out training using the blended learning approach. The time is estimated to fall by 60%, using different methods of training and deciding which training needs to be done on-site, or in a classroom setting, as well as training that can now be done through eLearning in an off-site location.  

Benefits of encouraging eLearning in the construction industry which can reduce the amount of time taken, include:

  • A lot of training now doesn’t hold up the work being done on-site.
  • Employees learn the work involved at their own rate.
  • Many training managers provide training across multiple sites, which can now be provided online simultaneously.

eLearning continues to become a more important form of training that should be encouraged in all industries, as the level of adults using the internet and other companies using online training continues to rise. While 4% of companies in the US used some form of eLearning in 1995, by 2014, this level had reached 77%.

As the level of workers in the heavy industry now reaching retirement continues to grow and the level of young workers entering the industry continues to fall, this reveals the importance of making eLearning a more important form of training. In 2018, figures show that 98% of 18 to 29-year-olds in the US are using the internet, compared to 83% in 2005.