Ebook: Top 8 Essential Employee Orientation Topics


A list of each employee orientation topic that every business should include and how each topic can be covered appropriately.   

An on-site construction worker may need to be taught how to prevent himself from being the victim of one of the Fatal Four most common causes of death during construction: falling from heights, electrocution, caught in between or being struck by an object. While an office worker won’t be required to take part in similar health and safety training, there are employee orientation topics that should always be included, no matter what the job involves.

Each employee orientation topic is looked at in more detail in this eBook, but they can be easily described as:  

  1. Personal Contact Information: direct contact information to every employee through phone numbers, e-mails and addresses.
  2. Safety Representative Contact Information: one should be appointed by every manager to promote a strong safety culture.
  3. Rights and Responsibilities: should apply to both employees and employers, concerning their responsibility to prevent accidents and other health and safety problems from occurring.
  4. Health and Safety Procedures and Codes of Practice: Based on the assigned job and all the work involved.
  5. First Aid and Reporting Injuries and Illnesses: Providing information on all first aid procedures and how to perform them correctly.
  6. Accident/Incident Reporting Procedures: How an accident or risk of an accident occurring can be reported and the benefits involved in past reports, perhaps resulting in accident prevention.
  7. Emergency Procedures and Preparedness Emergency:  Always be ready to deal with a usually unexpected accident, which includes emergency signs and fire extinguishers in any business.
  8. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): the importance of wearing specific PPE and confirming that everybody else follows these rules.

This eBook discusses what should be involved in these 8 different steps and how each employee orientation topic can be made successful.