Ebook: Outlook of the Heavy Industry in the US and UK 2018

How renewable energy is expected to grow in the heavy industry this year. Will skilled workers be available to carry out the work involved? The effect this have on other heavy industries and will skilled construction workers be available to fill the positions now required?

By the beginning of 2017, work in the solar and wind industries was recorded to be rising 12 times faster than any other heavy industries and the rest of the US economy. This year, renewable energy sources in the UK have reached a record high of 29.3% of all electricity generated in the country. The increase of renewable energy to prevent global warming is a subject that will continue to grow in importance and it’s worth remaining up-to-date with any recent changes. It is also valuable to recognize the effect this will have on other heavy industries such as coal mining.

Between 2006 and 2011, 40% of construction workers in the US were forced to leave their jobs and 200,000 positions were lost in the UK. While the number of jobs available in the construction industry continues to rise, a problem that will occur in the heavy industry this year is the refilling of these positions that were lost during the recession. Most importantly, can they be filled with skilled workers who are suitable for the job? This is likely to be extremely difficult with the number of skilled workers now reaching retirement.   

An increase in modular construction could help to encourage young workers to enter the heavy industry, with 80% of the work involved usually occurring off-site. The importance of new technology in the heavy industry is also more likely to create some more popular jobs. Hopefully, women can also be encouraged to enter the heavy industry. Read this blog to find more about the changes set to occur in the heavy industry this year and the task of finding workers who are skilled for the job (US & UK).