Ebook: Using Worker-Related Analytics to Safely Hire the Right Worker (in Construction)

hiring managers

What hiring managers should know to make sure that the appropriate job description has been used, secured data has been found and suitable questions have been asked to find the most skilled worker for the job.    

Worker-related analytics, refers to:

The discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data.   

In the construction industry, where safety problems are a big issue, it is vital for the hiring manager to determine and collect all the data required from everyone who is applying for a current position. Knowing how to interpret this data and confirming that it is genuine can have a huge impact on workplace safety, making worker-related analytics an important issue to understand.

Forming an accurate job description first involves, deciding on the required knowledge, skills and experience for any contractor to be considered suitable for the job. Using all this information for a hiring manager to plan an appropriate job description can be a complicated process, which is covered in more detail in this ebook.      

When viewing a resume response some points are mentioned, which hiring managers may not consider, for example, being wary of any contractors who may appear overqualified.  Dependable background checks also need to be made, for all these skills and qualifications to be recognized as genuine.

Once this has all been done and possible contractors are picked out by the hiring manager, a framework of interview questions must be planned, first deciding:

What do I need to know?

Some quantitative details, which includes experience and qualifications, may have been left out of the resume and are important to remember. Also, some qualitative questions about their opinion on issues such as why they want to work for you. Questions which could tell hiring managers a lot, but may not have been considered before, are mentioned in more detail. Also, the importance of asking the final question:

Do you have any questions to ask before we finish?

It is interesting to understand why the answer is usually no and what certain answers can tell the hiring manager about the person they are talking to.

The main subjects which occur in this ebook are:

  • The description and importance of successful worker-related analytics.
  • Carving out a great job description.
  • The importance of certifications when it comes to high-risk job roles.
  • Planning a suitable framework of interview questions.
  • Choosing the most skilled worker for the job.