Ebook: How to Hire the Best Safety Officers

There are important skills that should be recognized and question that should be asked if you want to hire the best Safety Officer for the job involved.

In 2016, 22.1% of the 4693 fatalities occurring in the private industry were in construction. This confirms the importance of having skilled, reliable safety officers that workers feel they can depend on.

The key attributes of good safety officers are listed in more detail. While basic requirements of suitable safety officers may include experience or relevant qualifications, inner qualities are just as important but may be more difficult to secure. Several of the qualities which are discussed in more detail, include listening skills to deal with any safety issues brought up, along with remembering and always wanting to stick to the rules themselves.

Once these qualities are understood, it is important to know which questions should be asked to find a suitable person for the job. These questions are described in more detail, explaining what an appropriate answer should consist of. Perhaps, what challenges they are looking for in the position of safety officer, or why do you want to work with us?

It is noted that any candidate should make use of this answer to prove how much they personally know about a company’s safety culture.

Different recruiting ideas are also mentioned to encourage the right person to discover the job and apply for the position of safety officer in the first place. Perhaps, keeping in touch with past safety officers who were very impressive when they worked for the company or, hosting on-site workshops and networking events.

This eBook contains more information about:

  • Key attributes to good safety officers.
  • Safety officer interview questions to always ask.
  • Where to find the right candidate for the job.

Download the Ebook to discover how to hire the best safety officers for the job.