Ebook: The Increased Importance of Wearable Technologies in Construction

technology in construction

Why the benefits of using wearable technology in construction must be understood and implemented into the industry. Although problems such as an ageing workforce and cyber-security may be considered, these problems can be dealt with, providing large benefits over-time.

As the number of smart wearables used globally is estimated to rise from 250 million to 501 million between 2018 and 2021, the growing importance of implementing wearable technology into the construction industry can be clearly seen. Often the reasons why and the benefits involved in using modern technology in construction may not be understood, or only the problems involved are considered.

Suppose an accident occurs on-site. Wearable technology used in construction, can include sensors often attached to vests and hats, providing real-time data and recording an accident the minute it happens, e.g. sensing an unusual heart rate or body temperature. As this could save a life, the benefits here are clear to see.  

One problem recognized, could be the aging workforce and their lack of interest in modern technology. While they may seem less attracted to technology in construction, many of these skilled workers are now reaching the age of retirement. There is now a problem encouraging young workers to enter the industry.

If you want to attract these individuals, then you need to appeal to what they’re interested in. What exactly is that? By and large, this generation is interested in technology and creating things.

The most suitable technology must also be chosen to make this a successful procedure; knowing the benefits which are expected from its use and making sure it has all the requirements needed for the worker using it, e.g. monitoring temperature or heartbeat level, without having a negative effect on the PPE being used.

Implementing new technology into the construction workforce may be a difficult process, especially when ageing workers make up the majority, but if effective training is provided and the important benefits are always concentrated on, it is more likely to be a successful process with great benefits.  

Download the ebook, to find out more about:

  • The benefits involved in implementing wearable technology into construction.
  • Interesting wearables, which are just coming into operation.
  • Problems which could occur but can be prevented.
  • How to make this a successful process.