Webinar: How the Data Archival Feature helps to keep the GoContractor platform organized and easy to use

30th January 2018 | 3 PM GMT | 10 AM EST

Summary Of The Webinar:

One of the great things about using a contractor workforce is the flexibility, but this does throw up some logistical challenges as you may be using different workers for different jobs. GoContractor’s data archival feature allows you to archive contractor companies and workers who you don’t expect to be using for a while, without deleting any information associated with them on the GoContractor system.

It simply means you don’t see them on system, making it much clearer and easy to navigate. This can be used for seasonal workers, specialised workers, and any type of contractor you don’t expect to see for a while. The archiving process can be done automatically or manually, and archiving can be reversed at the touch of a button.

During this free Webinar, you will learn:

  • How to automatically archive users so that you don’t see them on the platform anymore, without deleting any information associated with them.
  • How to manually archive users who you know you won’t be working with for a while.
  • How to unarchive users so they appear on the platform again, all with just the touch of a button

Our Speaker:

Caterina is a Customer Success Manager at GoContractor, where she onboards new clients, provides feature recommendations, and provides ongoing support for the platform.