Webinar: Data Protection Best Practices and How GoContractor Will Manage Your Data

Data Protection

Companies have a lot to worry about when it comes to handling their customer’s data. The public is becoming more educated and concerned about how companies store and use their data. Smart businesses realize that by emphasizing strong data protection they can build deeper bonds of trust with their customers.

GoContractor is a perfect solution for your contractor management needs given the current concerns about data protection. Traditionally, orientations were done using paper documents and spreadsheets kept on-site in filing cabinets. As more demands are made of employers in how this data is stored, the old system is becoming unsustainable. Shifting to an online system gives you far greater control and power over the information than would have been possible using paper spreadsheets.

At GoContractor, we prioritize transparency and want to make it clear how we are managing and protecting your data. We want to be proactive and let our customers know how we are handle their data to give them peace of mind.

We want to keep your workers and their data safe.

During this free webinar you will learn:

  • Challenges: What are the challenges that come with protecting your customer’s data, both in a technical and business sense.
  • Best practices for data protection: Use the public concern around how data is used as an opportunity to make data protection a central part of your company’s operations.
  • GoContractor makes it easy: An online contractor management solution is ideal for data protection challenges. Discover why moving your onboarding online might be the perfect fit for your business.

Our Speaker:


Ronan O’Sullivan is CTO of GoContractor and is responsible for the technical vision of the company and the platform. His main duties are the planning, implementation, and execution of all technical operations across the business



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