Ebook: What are the Dangers of Becoming a Wind-farm Contractor?

What are the Dangers of Becoming a Wind-farm Contractor

Becoming a contractor in the wind industry, understanding some of the dangers involved and their prevention.

Although the main benefit of wind farming is the lack of pollution using this green energy source, the wind industry is still a young one and different problems are being recognized over time. It continues to grow at a very fast pace for some of these understandable benefits:  

  • Wind farming does not cause pollution.
  • Wind power is a renewable energy source that cannot be used up.
  • Residential turbines prevent problems such as power outages.
  • They take up a small space but can still power 100s of buildings.

It is some of the safety problems occurring for contractors in the wind industry that are looked at in more detail in this eBook. Some of the disturbing figures mentioned, estimate that by 2020, over 400,000 new jobs will be available in the wind industry in the EU, but by 2030, an estimated 18,000 workers will be unqualified.

If it is your ambition to work in the wind industry, there are some obvious safety hazards, but others that you may not be aware of. Slips, trips and falls are common and moving machinery is an obvious safety issue in any industry. As offshore wind farms increase, some of the more distinctive hazards include large waves and the difficulty positioning these turbines in water.

Some of the most disturbing incidents occurring, include the racing blades of wind turbines which have somehow become detached and flown at a rapid speed into cars and houses. This eBook does go into more detail on significant safety requirements, such as new forms of training, many developed by the Global Wind Organization (GWO).  

Download the eBook to find out more information about:



  • Deciding whether you would like to work in the wind industry.
  • Improving the safety requirements and training provided, to prevent accidents from occurring.