Ebook: Reducing Costs of Workplace Accidents and Injuries


The main causes of workplace injury and the direct, indirect, sometimes hidden costs involved. How these costs can be reduced, or an accident can be prevented in the first place.

OSHA estimates that direct workers’ compensation costs employers in the US $1 billion every week. The most common costs include medical expenses and a higher insurance premium. This does not include the indirect costs involved, which are usually not covered by insurance. For example, if someone involved in workplace injury is paid for sick-leave, while another worker must be paid to take their place.

Workers won’t inherently know they have to do something a certain way.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to understand all the costs involved in workplace injury that are mentioned in this ebook and the different methods of prevention. For example, insisting that workers are constantly wearing the correct form of PPE, letting others know they should report this incident if they see someone else without it on. In 2014, falls from a single level cost the US construction industry $10.6 billion in direct claims.

This ebook, also discusses the common causes of workplace injury and some of the most serious effects. With 23 million workers in the EU confirming to suffer from work-related illnesses every year, 60% of these are caused by musculoskeletal disorder. Back, knee, shoulder/upper arm problems are the biggest complaints made by bricklayers in the Netherlands.

Companies must always understand how much of this workplace injury is avoidable, sometimes easily, if workers are just reminded to store boxes in an enclosed space and not in front of a fire exit. Some of the main methods of preventing and lowering the number of workplace injuries and accidents occurring, which are mentioned in more detail, include sufficient post-job training, often involving modern technology, as well as encouraging workers to discuss and also recognize any safety problems that they have noticed.

Some of the subjects focused on in this ebook are:

  • The range of direct and indirect costs involved in the heavy industry.
  • Different methods of preventing and lessening these costs.
  • The role of proper safety training to reduce the costs of workplace injury.
  • The use of modern technology to boost your bottom line.