Ebook: Preparing Your Contract Workers for the High Temperatures

hot weather safety tips

The risks involved in working during hot weather conditions, keeping workers up-to-date and tips to deal with problems that occur.

With temperatures estimated to be 2°C higher by 2050 and humidity up by 10%, the importance of providing safety tips for working in hot weather during these rising weather conditions will remain a big issue.  

Common symptoms such as headaches or fatigue can lead to problems such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion. This eBook lists heat stroke as quite a common problem which is also the most serious. If emergency treatment is not provided, muscles and kidneys, or even the brain and heart could be affected, sometimes leading to death. Problems are more common in ageing workers and with the large number of workers in the heavy industry now reaching the age of retirement, they are at a greater risk of suffering from heat stroke, heat exhaustion or heat stress.

Safety tip for working in hot weather are included in more detail for everyday work, such as frequent breaks and water always being available.    

It is important particularly during the summer months that outdoor workers drink plenty of fluids to help prevent dehydration, which is the primary cause of heat cramps and heat exhaustion (Cameron Samuel, Assistant Safety Director at Western Speciality Contractors).

Keeping workers up-to-date with safety tip for working in hot weather conditions is another important piece of advice. Perhaps, some new safety issues are occurring as the summer months commence. Workers don’t just need to be given advice on personal protection, but safety tip for working in hot weather should also include recognizing and knowing who to contact if they have noticed any unsafe behavior occurring on-site. Perhaps, extremely tiring behavior when the weather doesn’t make it suitable to do so.

An up-to-date online platform such as GoContractor is one of the best ways of keeping workers up-to-date with changes and hot weather safety tips for working in hot weather conditions.

This eBook contains some more information about:

  • The common risks of heat exposure in the workplace
  • Recognizing the symptoms quickly.
  • Hot weather Safety tips hot weather conditions.
  • Keeping workers up-to-date with the safety issues involved.