Ebook: How to Design Engaging Safety Orientation Training

safety orientation training

Providing valuable safety orientation training, to meet the needs of specific workers can help them feel more engaged in the company culture. A range of different training methods is concentrated on.   

This eBook looks at:

  • What should be included in safety orientation training: Investigates the information to include in general and mandatory training. Also, the importance of completing paperwork and having this done before work begins.
  • How to tailor safety orientation training for each specific job: As many workers are given identical training for different jobs, the importance of applying each orientation to the work involved, is essential. Especially in the heavy industry, where health and safety issues can be a big problem.
  • Making workers feel more engaged in safety orientation training: Discusses the different range of training methods and how they could improve worker retention by 25%. As poor safety orientation training can be a major cause of accidents.
  • Deciding on changes to make after evaluation of safety orientation training: Mentions the best ways of discovering any of the problems that may have been involved in poor training and deciding on the changes to make.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 60% of workplace injuries in the construction industry occur within the first year of work. This demonstrates the vulnerability of workers during this time. If they have not received relevant safety orientation training for the job involved, then the chance of injury occurring is a lot more likely.

An effective way of improving engagement is to provide relevant details to each contractor, using a range of different teaching methods. Making sure that you (and your team or co-workers) are fully informed, properly trained and kept up to date with new developments is essential for business success within today’s construction industry. Investing in training means investing in your career, investing in your business and investing in the future.