Ebook: Innovative Tools in Construction and Mining

Innovative tools for construction that are constantly changing and continue to become more popular, sometimes necessary.

From using your smartphone at work to aerial drones mapping and surveying the job site, the construction industry is exploding into new realms with the technology of today.

This infographic concentrates on three main innovative tools of construction which are constantly becoming more popular in the modern industry:

  • Mobile technology
  • Construction Management Software
  • Drones

Only concentrating on the four years between 2012-2016, this infographic provides astonishing figures, displaying just how much the importance of mobile technology has grown over this short time. It is amazing to see that in 2012, 41.1% of construction workers who were asked in an annual report by JBKnowledge, saw this technology as not very important. In 2016, this number had fallen to 20.7%.  

Mobile technology is now one of the most important tools for construction, with workers having constant communication to others on-site and being provided with real-time information. This is especially important if an accident or a near miss occurs.

The use of drones is becoming a lot more popular in many industries such as agriculture and surveying but through 2017 the greatest rise has occurred in construction (239%). Some of the advantages mentioned in this infographic include the safety benefits of surveying a site before work begins, without sending anyone on-site first.

These are the innovative tools for construction that are concentrated on in the infographic, but a few of the others include:

  • Wearables: e.g. smart glasses and hardhats providing visualization and mixed reality.
  • Robotic constructors:  now performing some common tasks such as bricklaying.
  • Virtual reality: 4D reality used to completely immerse others in the chosen construction model.

This infographic contains some interesting figures on the tools for construction, providing you with information to understand:

  • How the importance of mobile technology has changed over time.
  • The increase in construction management software.
  • The number of people now recognizing the benefits of using drones.