Video: Meeting Global ISO Standards to Improve Health, Safety and Productivity

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications are recognized internationally and acknowledge that your company meets the standards often expected by potential clients.

Managing Director of CG Business Consulting, Caroline Geoghegan discusses several of the most popular standards met in the heavy industry and the benefits involved:

  1. ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  2. ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
  3. ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management

Discussing why these standards should be met, she explains that reaching the recently improved health and safety management standards of ISO 45001 will prove that your company puts safety first. However, some of the standards mentioned may be harder to achieve and can take anything from 3 months up to a year to meet.

The general steps to achieve these different certifications are explained in more detail in this film, creating an action plan to meet the chosen requirements; 75 of them if health and safety standards are the ones hoping to be reached. Someone will also come to check whether or they have been, providing any advice on changes to make if any are needed.

One of the changes mentioned here to meet these new standards is the requirement to make sure subcontractors are properly orientated and have received the necessary training to ensure they know how to work safely from the time that work begins.  Online training is a modern method of ensuring this, also saving time and eliminating the amount of paperwork involved in classroom training.

Productivity and profitability are other benefits of reaching these standards. The Quality Management System of ISO 9001 is explained here to increase efficiency, confirming that workers are aware of their own responsibilities, to make sure that things are done right the first time.  

This video will help in finding out how these certain global standards can be currently met and the benefits involved.


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Jenny Snook

Jenny Snook is content executive at GoContractor with the job of researching the latest health and safety trends in the heavy industry. Her past-experience includes the research of large museum collections such as the Louth County Museum, many from the industrial age.