Pre-Approved and Pre-Trained Contractors...

...safer and more productive workplaces.

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Online Contractor Management Platform for Enterprises

  • Approve Contractors in Advance
  • Register and Train Workers
  • Monitor and Track

Verify and Approve Contract Companies and their Workers Online

Validate all contractor paperwork online including insurance policies, risk assessments and method statements. Likewise, worker documentation such as qualifications, certificates and training records are uploaded for your approval.

Link Access Control to Compliance Validation

Ease of use is a hallmark of Access Control—as it is with all of the features of GoContractor’s break-through contractor management software. As a manager or administrator, you can use Access Control to check users in, view who is on site, and see who exceeded their estimated time. Users can also self-check-in.

Manage Worker Behaviour Efficiently

Expired documents or bad behavior on-site can cause contract companies and/or their workers to move along a traffic light system. Red, amber and green statuses can be linked to access control systems.

Induct Workers Before They Step Foot On-Site

Use the GoContractor Course Builder to create as many interactive online training courses and quizzes as you wish. These are automatically assigned to workers depending on their role and the site location. If there’s a change or an accident, use GoContractor to send instant alert courses.

Capture and Verify Worker Identity

When a worker shows up on site, how do you know they’re the same person who has completed the online training? By using the GoContractor Identity Capture feature! When a worker arrives on-site, scan their QR code and verify their images.

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