Ebook: 6 Major Health & Safety Risks for Remote Workers

Safety Risk

The main safety risk noted can be divided into many other lists but in this eBook an effort has been made to try and discuss each safety risk using a short description, understanding why they are more likely to occur in the environment of a remote construction or mining site.

Each safety risk is listed below, giving a short example of a reason why they should always be considered in the heavy industry:

  1. Work environment: the extreme warm and cold climates often associated with the location of an outdoor site during the summer and winter months cannot be cooled or warmed up.
  2. Remote communication systems and procedures: connection issues may occur in remote spaces. Perhaps in a high, isolated mining site where signals are hard to get recover.
  3. Physical and psychological fitness for duty: with aging workers common in the construction industry, a safety risk such as fatigue from the heavy work involved is often more likely.
  4. Vehicles and Travel: vehicles not being fit for their purpose is another possible safety risk. Freezing locations or perhaps areas without proper roads or pavements may require more specialized trucks, or machinery.
  5. Information, training and supervision: specialists may often be required, to provide workers unaware of a safety risk involved in a certain location with relevant training.
  6. Emergency plans and procedures: a safety risk such as the lack of an appropriate roadway, could double the amount of time it takes an ambulance to reach a more remote location.   

This eBook goes on to give a short description of other problems these safety risks can be associated with and why they are often more of a problem in remote working areas. For example, how long it can take for an ambulance to reach a remote, cold location. Download this Ebook to learn more.