Ebook: The Changing Role of Women in the Heavy Industry

The importance of the changing role of women in a male-dominated industry and encouraging more to enter, but some of the problems that still occur.

In the US construction industry, only 9% of workers are female, but under 1% of them, actually have a job that occurs on-site.

This eBook discusses:

Why it’s so important to encourage more women to enter the heavy industry?    Even though they are understood to be more attentive to risk, highly skilled female workers are often rejected for men who are less skilled. The creation of a more diverse team is one of the main reasons why women should be encouraged and this eBook goes into more detail explaining the different benefits that could occur.

What are the common problems and reasons why women aren’t interested? With the small number of on-site female workers, this is one of the most obvious reasons why women aren’t interested in the heavy industry. Maternity leave is often an issue that is not considered as important, with women not being provided with a well-paid substantial amount of time to take off. Other problems discussed in this eBook are a lack of female role models and the chance of sexual harassment.

What can be done to encourage more to enter, through the changing role of women? A complete lack of tolerance to sexual harassment is one of the most important problems that needs to be dealt with. This eBook also looks at different associations helping to provide women with the latest news and information on the changing role of women in a male-dominated industry.

Julie Shuttleworth, Granny Smith Mine General Manager for Barrick Gold Corporation, states:      

Gender doesn’t even enter my mind when I am doing my job. Women that are successful in mining have got on and done their job, been recognized for their technical ability and leadership skills and what they deliver to the business.

Female role models like this, are one of the reasons why the role of women in the heavy industry will hopefully continue to change, with more deciding that this is an industry they would like to become involved in.