Webinar: How shared registration of contractors gives more choice to parent companies

Shared registration Feature is one of the best features from GoContractor that gives parent companies greater control over how they want to handle registration of contractors. Companies are given the choice of how they want contractors to be registered, giving companies more flexibility to ensure all contractors are registered in the most efficient way.

Companies can choose to let contractors register themselves or, using the new shared registration feature, they can allow contractor managers to register workers and upload documentation on their behalf, in addition to declaring a worker’s eligibility to work.

From this recording you will learn:

  • How to create a self-registration system with a company code where contractors are in charge of their own registration
  • How to create a system where contractor managers are in charge of the registration of contractors
  • For contractor managers: How to manually register contractors, enter their details and upload their documentation


Our speaker:

Shared Registration Feature

Caterina is a Customer Success Manager at GoContractor, where she onboards new clients, provides feature recommendations, and provides ongoing support for the platform.