GoContractor’s New Shared Registration Feature

15 December 2017

The traditional method of contractor management is a complicated and inefficient process. Paper-based methods are time consuming and messy and lead to mistakes being made, which can be as serious as workers who do not have the required safety training being allowed on site. This can be costly and dangerous and such outcomes should never be accepted, especially since online contractor management systems are available that solve a lot of these inefficiencies. There is no reason why registering contractors should be a painful process.

The GoContractor system gives options for how to register contractors. There is no one right way to register workers; it all comes down to choosing what option works best for your company. The level of control an employer wants to have in the registration process is another factor in designing a registration method. For some companies, a Self-Registration process, where workers register themselves, will be ideally suited. For others, there is GoContractor’s new Shared Registration Feature, allowing Contractor Managers to register workers, controlling the type and quality of information that is submitted.

Let’s briefly describe the registration options available to GoContractor clients.


GoContractor gives contractor companies the option to have workers self-register themselves using a Company Code. The advantages of this system are fairly straightforward and can significantly improve the onboarding process. Contractors are responsible for registering themselves – uploading their own documents, filling out the forms etc. – which saves your company valuable time. The system allows for multiple users to register at the same time, making the process even faster. Another big advantage of this system is it allows for companies to get in-depth information from workers, which would not be possible if the user was not registering themselves.

GoContractor has always given contractor companies this option to self-register as it significantly improves the contractor onboarding process, compared to the traditional in-house system. However, the downside is that contractor companies rely on workers to register themselves and upload their own documents. Companies can add a layer of control to this process with the User Approval feature which screens workers information so no one slips through the cracks.

New Shared Registration Feature

Shared Registration means Contractor Managers register workers and upload documentation on their behalf. Contractor Managers can add workers and will then proceed to upload documents and answer questions that relate to these workers. Once they’ve entered these details, they will be asked to check off a Contractor Competence Declaration, created by the employer, to confirm that their employee is a competent worker. As you can see, the responsibility for registering workers shifts, placing it on the Contractor Manager, who should have the relevant information on record.

The benefit of GoContractor’s new Shared Registration feature is that it gives more control regarding what information is submitted because a Contractor Manager is responsible for what is uploaded. This option also includes a declaration of competency, to be signed by a Contractor Manager, ensuring workers are up to the job. The disadvantage is that registering workers can be time intensive, so Contractor Managers should be provide appropriate notice and time.

How to Use Self-Registration

Workers register themselves on GoContractor using a Company Code that is associated with their Contractor Company. The designated Contractor Manager receives login details and then provide the code to workers. A Contractor Manager may have to enter some details and upload some documents before receiving a Company Code.


  • The Contractor Company is added to the platform.
  • A Contractor Manager receives login details
  • Contractor Manager receives Company Code
  • Contractor Manager provides Company Code to workers to register on GoContractor
  • Users then enter the code on the left hand side of the login page and register on GoContractor by uploading their own documents and providing their own information.

How to Use Shared Registration

If you have this feature enabled on your account, when you go to add a company under the Companies tab, you’ll see a checkbox that allows you to switch between adding a company that will allow workers to self-register with a company code, or adding a company that requires Contractor Managers to register their workers. To add a company in this way, uncheck the box, fill in the fields, and hit Add.

When the Contractor Manager logs into their account, they can add their workers under the Users tab. When they click Add, they’ll be prompted to upload any documents and answer any questions you’ve requested from workers. Once they’ve entered these details on behalf of their employee, they’ll need to check off a Contractor Competence Declaration, created by you, to confirm that their employee is a competent worker.


  • The Contractor Company is added to the platform.
  • A Contractor Manager receives login details.
  • Contractor Manager individually registers workers to the platform, by uploading their documents and entering information.
  • Contractor Manager agrees to a declaration of the worker’s competency.
  • Once registration form is completed, worker receives login details to their email.


Years of experience providing online contractor management have taught GoContractor that companies value flexibility with their onboarding. This applies to flexibility in course content, flexibility in how many contractors can be onboarded and flexibility in registration options. There is not a single correct way to onboard workers; the only correct way to register workers is the way that works best for your company, suiting the needs of a particular project. Self-Registration allows workers to register themselves, which can provide detailed information in quick time. Shared Registration gives companies more control over the information provided, by placing the responsibility for registering onto the Contractor Manager. For more information on registration options, or to find out what package you are on, ask us at [email protected]

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Jenny Snook
Jenny Snook

Jenny Snook is content executive at GoContractor with the job of researching the latest health and safety trends in the heavy industry. Her past-experience includes the research of large museum collections such as the Louth County Museum, many from the industrial age.

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