Ebook: Ultimate Guide to Developing a 360 Degree Contractor Management Program

Find out more about the need for a consistent interview process and sufficient training with effective workforce management, making contractors feel more like part of a team and aware of the roles and responsibilities of the people around them.

With the construction industry accounting for over 21% of workplace fatalities in the US in 2016, there has also been an increase in the number contractors by almost 30% between 2011-2016.  This indicates that a new method of workforce management may need to be developed by different companies to take care of these changes and lower the number of workplace accidents and fatalities occurring. One example of why changes in workplace management are so important, can be seen by the death of a contractor in 2012, during his first day at the Barcardi Bottling Plant in Florida. Crushed by a machine being used by another employee, the company was charged $100,000 and accused of inadequate training.   

The need for a consistent interview process and organized training, set up specifically for contractors is a process that should be given more attention to. This ebook also examines the penalties which could occur if contractors or employees are misclassified, sometimes on purpose due to the higher costs of hiring a full-time employee.

Some of the most important parts of the onboarding process mentioned here, include the successful integration of contractors into a team, where the common goals and the roles of others are understood by everyone. Also, training them to understand what should be done in case of emergency and the best methods of on-site prevention.

Methods of workforce management to make contractors feel more like part of a team, might include an invitation to company events, even if they are only working for several weeks. Also, knowing who to contact if they have a question to ask or a problem occurs. Throughout this ebook, more information is included, describing how technology such as mobile phone apps can make workforce management an easier process.

Download this ebook to find out more about:

  • Planning a new business strategy for the rising number of contractors.
  • Sufficient onboarding and training to prevent accidents occurring.
  • How to make contractors feel more like part of a team.