Essential Apps for Safety Professionals

22 March 2016

In the past, safety management has relied heavily on paperwork and filing, whether it be accident/ incident forms, safety policies and statements, standard operating procedures, medical information, orientation details etc. The problem with paperwork is that it’s not instantly accessible, it’s inconvenient to store and the margin for error is often pretty large. The reality is that there is no longer a need to rely on the inefficiencies of files and paper. For a very low cost and in many cases for free, any safety manager can tap into a huge pool of resources on the cloud. Here’s a list of the essential apps and online tools for safety professionals:


Online Tools for Safety Managers 

Create online forms and surveys for free. These can be shared and results viewed on a spreadsheet.

Store and manage your files online. You can manage folder access rights and hierarchies so that your data is safe.

Manage projects and assign and track tasks with individuals or teams

Messaging app for teams – gets rid of email

Safety Apps

Conduct your own audits and inspections without the forms

Instant access to advice when an everyday accident occurs

Get the heat index for your work sites and precautions to prevent heat illness

Assists in positioning a ladder at an optimal angle

Real-time fall clearance results with lanyard and SRL calculations

Information resource for workplace hearing safety

Build and deliver your safety orientations online

Ask your employees to download and check their workstations

Fit the hardware to a static crane and then monitor from a mobile device or PC

Allows users to view a variety of construction safety information to ensure they can proceed safely with their day’s tasks.

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Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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