3 Problems HSE Pros Face and How to Solve Them

05 February 2021

HSE professionals face a number of challenges when trying to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. The top HSE problems most commonly reported by HSE professionals are training, compliance, and time management. 

Training and compliance are critical aspects of any safety manager’s job. But it can be difficult to manage and prioritize these tasks. 

How do you find the right balance? 

There’s too much work going on to cover everything, and things might slip through the cracks. Obviously, that’s something you want to avoid if you can help it. 

Having systems and processes in place that can save you time will allow you to focus more on being present and proactive. 

For example, although training is important, do you really need to be spending the first few hours of your day training and onboarding new workers? Not necessarily. 

There are other ways to accomplish training without having to be stuck in a classroom and missing out on valuable time that could otherwise be spent in the field and interacting with workers. 

Let’s take a closer look at the training and compliance issues and how to overcome them. Later on, we’ll discuss how time management comes into play and how you can take back your day and start focusing on other important aspects of your job. 

HSE Problem #1: Training Management

One of the training problems that HSE professionals are faced with is not having an efficient way of managing training requirements. 

With so many workers onsite, it can be difficult to manage the various requirements, which are different for every person depending on their job, department, and work location. Trying to manage everything with a paper file system is a losing battle. 

Even if you’re using a spreadsheet or scanning electronic copies, the process of managing worker training is still extremely time consuming. And there’s too much room for error. 

Training is important because it reduces the risk of workers having an accident or injury on the jobsite. It’s also necessary for compliance. So keep up on it. Don’t let the problems associated with managing a training program get in your way. 

The ideal solution for effectively managing your training requirements, is to use an online system that automatically delivers the training, maintains records, and alerts you when an employee is behind on their training. 

Another benefit of online training is that the training each employee receives is consistent. You can ensure nothing has been forgotten or rushed. Standardized training also avoids any confusion about the correct processes or procedures for completing the work.

GoContractor offers a solution to HSE professionals who want to overcome the problems of inefficient training systems. 

Before workers step foot on a job site, they can train themselves online through the online portal. Once they complete their training and orientation, workers are shown on their GoContractor profile with a green check, signaling their qualification status.

Creating a training curriculum within GoContractor is easy. Simply upload your own videos and powerpoints. You can even create a quiz at the end of the training. 

Want to see it for yourself? See how HSE professionals use GoContractor to manage their online training: Watch the Video

HSE Problem #2: Compliance

Another one of the top HSE problems is staying on top of regulatory compliance. Of course, there are a number of problems that can arise when trying to maintain compliance. But one of the main things an inspection officer almost always looks through is your training records.

This should be one of the easiest compliance standards for you to meet. However, many HSE professionals struggle with recordkeeping. That’s because it is easy to fall behind when trying to manage paper files and maintain documents for so many contractors and employees. It’s often a very messy and disorganized process. 

The solution is to utilize an electronic system that stores all of your documents in an online, centralized location. 

With GoConctractor, you have the ability to maintain an accurate list of everyone on the jobsite, along with their training and qualification records. 

The best part is, the workers can upload this information themselves. You no longer need to track down employees, get copies of their records, or manually scan or upload them to your recordkeeping system. 

For example, if you require all workers on site to have an OSHA-30 certification, you can require them to upload a copy into GoContractor while they are completing their other online training and onboarding requirements. 

Click on the button below to see how GoContractor can help you maintain records and stay in compliance: Watch the Video

HSE Problem #3: Time Management

Just about all of the HSE problems you will face can be linked back to time management. With so many responsibilities and so many workers to manage, it can be difficult to balance your workday and spend time on what truly matters. 

So how can you better manage your time? What can you do to avoid being stuck behind a desk all day? It all comes back to setting up systems and processes that work for you. 

One of the major benefits of the GoContractor platform that our clients love is how much time they are able to save on tedious training and onboarding tasks. 

Our system allows you to eliminate paperwork, save time and money, and easily manage and monitor all aspects of your training and onboarding process. 

Subcontractors can self-register and upload information, critical documents, and complete your site safety training. You can automatically track the qualification status of all workers on site without having to manually sort through stacks of training records. 

GoContractor can help give you back your day. You don’t have to waste time managing training or maintaining records for compliance. With an online management system in place, you can spend more time in the field focusing on what truly matters. 

Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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