New Access Control Feature to Boost Workplace Safety and Compliance

28 November 2018

When you’re adding dozens of workers to your remote workforce, making sure they have all the right documentation and ensuring their safety is a challenge. You not only have to validate documents, like insurance policies, risk assessments, and method statements, but also verify worker documentation such as qualifications, certificates, and tracking records.

What you need is a tool to help you not just validate documentation but also ensure contractor safety at a site. After all, the last thing you want is for a contractor’s first day on the job to be his last. But if you’re overseeing multiple worksites in different countries, ensuring contractor safety is a tough challenge.

GoContractor’s newly launched feature —called Access Control— helps beat your contractor logistics and management challenges.

Creating a Safer, More Compliant Workplace

Access Control links remote worker check-in to compliance validation. Access Control comes with a self-check-in/check-out feature which lets users check in onsite faster and easier but only if they meet all mandatory requirements. Workers need to make sure that their:

  •       Company’s documents are completed/updated
  •       Requested mandatory documents are completed/updated
  •       Training courses are all completed (required in person and online)

If workers fail to meet these mandatory requirements or haven’t completed the required courses, the feature blocks them from checking into a worksite until the worker meets all necessary requirements—whether it’s taking a training course or supplying a missing certificate.

This new feature lets administrators see which workers are checked-in at any given time. If a worker logged into the platform exceeds the time estimated, the feature notifies those at the control center. They can then send someone out to make sure the worker is safe and sound without causing problems or delays. If necessary, the user can extend their time following an email prompt sent automatically from GoContractor.

Linking Access Control to Compliance

Using contactor management software in industries like Energy and Infrastructure has its advantages. It includes things like specialization, cost reduction, and the ability to expand your workforce faster and with greater flexibility than with a traditional workforce approach. These advantages boost productivity and profitability.

A large workforce comes with its share of risks. These include a host of logistic issues and workforce management problems that can drive you crazy. If you fail to address these issues and problems, you can be setting your company up for compliance violations and hefty fines. More importantly, it can put workers in harm’s way.

A critical step in managing contractors safely and efficiently in the hard hat industries is to make sure not only that contingent and temporary workers have all their mandatory documentation but also that it’s completed and updated. It’s mandatory, for example, for U.S. contractors working in certain industries to have Health Administration Occupational Safety (OSHA) cards.

These cards tell you that the workers have sufficient safety training to work on site. If U.S workers don’t have an OSHA card and are working on site, companies will be out of compliance, boosting the company’s risk. GoContractor’s Access Control for remote workers feature gives you confidence that contractors checking in onsite are without documentation problems and/or training issues from working on site, reducing the company’s risk.

Ease of Use: A Hallmark of Access Control

Ease of use is a hallmark of Access Control—as it is with all of the features of GoContractor’s break-through contractor management software. As a manager or administrator, you can use Access Control to check users in, view who is on site, and see who exceeded their estimated time. That helps simplify a difficult and complicated task. Users can also self-check-in.

Here’s how the Access Control feature works: If you have a user that would like to check in, you simply go to the users list and find the person’s name. Clicking on the name shows the user’s full profile, with a check-in display box on the left-hand side of the screen. You then select the location you’d like to check the user in at.

After you select the location, the system checks to see if the user meets all mandatory requirements. Warning signals alert you when users fail to do this. If the user doesn’t meet mandatory requirements, you need to upload any documents required for the user to work on site. If the user is missing a training course, they’ll have to complete those as well. Users can make profile photos mandatory, which helps verify their identities when they show up to work.

Access Control Assures Worker Safety

If users meet all the mandatory requirements, they have to submit a check out time. This new feature notifies you if workers have not checked out by the time submitted or have not extended it, helping ensure worker safety.

If the user has left for the day, you can click on the check-out option on their profile page. (Users can also extend the time and check out themselves, allowing for self-management.) If you want to view who is on site and who has stayed over their submitted time, you can go to the users list and click on the Access Control button.

That lets you filter by those on site at a specific location. To see those who have surpassed their estimated check out time, you can click on the Overtime option, letting you know any users who are still there. You can also filter by choosing a specific location, then searching by name or email.  

Access Control Follows Traffic Light Feature

Access Control’s introduction follows closely on the heels of the addition of GoContractor’s Traffic Light feature to its SaaS platform. This innovative feature simplifies the recording of worker behavior over the length of their contracts. Fully customizable, the Traffic Light feature allows you to note any unacceptable behavior on a worker’s part over a short, mixed, or long period. Bad behavior may require worker retraining.

Innovations like the Access Control feature and the Traffic Light feature are why GoContractor sets the pace when it comes to contractor management software. The leading SaaS to manage remote workers is an easy-to-use platform which simplifies and streamlines contractor management, helping you create safer, more productive, and more compliant workplaces. 

                                                             Access Control from GoContractor on Vimeo.

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