8 Apps for Construction to Maximize Productivity and Save Time

14 January 2020

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Digital transformation is more than a buzzword across the construction industry– demands are pushing professionals to utilize advancements in tech, like apps for construction, that have proven to increase project adeptness. 

Apps for construction that help with tasks such as project and safety management to online orientations are helping thousands of professionals become more productive– helping to save time and money. Industry-focused software developments and apps for construction ease the daily and at-large operations on construction projects by funneling communication, streamlining varied processes, and improving fidelity. 

Clear organization is your strongest weapon in the constant battle against time, especially with managing different teams of people from project managers and trade reps, to managing paperwork and compliance regulations. Apps for contractors and apps for construction management are an accessible resource to maximize productivity. Finding the app you need can be time-consuming, so we compiled a simple list of 8 must-have construction apps that will convert your projects by transforming your day to day work. 

Apps for construction

  1. FieldWire: Used by 500k construction professionals this apps for construction stores important information such as updated drawings and punch lists at your fingertips. FieldWire is one central place to distribute time-conscious information like blueprint updates or schedule changes, and your team has access to it no matter their location. Field-workers benefit from knowing the latest updates on things like inspection notices, the company calendar, punch lists, deadlines and more– increasing accuracy and transparency. You can also use them to communicate in real-time through live chat.
  2. Canvas: This mobile-friendly 3D model-building kit is a tool you will love as soon as you try it. Canvas can capture measurements using a 360 scan of space with the exclusive Structure Sensor feature. The Structure Sensor is the world’s most intricate mobile sensor that translates your recording into a full-blown scale-accurate interactive 3D model in just a few moments. Eliminate the need to lug around with hefty measurement tools with this tech-savvy app for construction.
  3. AutoDesk BIM 360: AutoDesk BIM 360 offers key technology to enhance your projects from start to finish. Is your design planning and team management time-consuming and tedious? You can use this app for design and management to cover all of your bases. Communication is a factor that can always use improvement, making this a great app for construction project managers when coordinating with various trade professionals. AutoDesk BIM 360 leverages the use of salvaging documents on a cloud and advances your data with technology that capitalizes your management, increases your accuracy, and secures the smooth-sailing of your projects.
  4. eBuilder: Another app for construction project managers is eBuilder. You can put this apps for construction management mechanisms to work on your plans to improve the way you do things. From fund allocating to design analysis and bid schedule eBuilder is a great app for construction. Also, apply this tool to your field-work and use it to create plan outlines or monitor work on-site and other convenient features. 
  5. Solocator: This construction app is your go-to for clear-cut measurements and clean images. Snap a photo and Solocator generates detailed information like the elevation of building face, altitude, and bearing specifications. You can simultaneously share pictures of your project and precise data with your team or upload your images to social media like Facebook and Twitter.Apps for construction
  6. Procore: Procore is a multifunctional platform that gives you better insight into your business. Use their app for construction to pull data and create reports on things such as tool usage, RFI statuses, punch list updates, and more– you can even turn this information into a visual report for better comprehension. 
  7. Triax: Their proprietary Spot-r technologies make Triax the only loT scalable solution that doesn’t require WiFi or GPS. Their platform connects all aspects of your project from worker activity and safety compliance, to build-out overviews and essential updates, all accessible in real-time through one dashboard. Professionals love Triax’s ability to keep them updated on their project through equipment such as safety clips that travel with your worker while they’re on-site– allowing you more visibility of the job site. Triax integrates also integrate with GoContractor to streamline your management process. You can learn more about how we integrate with Triax and other software by visiting our product page here.Apps for construction
  8. GoContractor: Ok, full disclosure, this is where we talk about ourselves! We couldn’t write a blog on apps for construction productivity without mentioning the GoContractor platform. GoContractor helps managers avoid hefty compliance fines and annual administration fees. Our subcontractor onboarding and management tool prepares you for one of the most annoying hurdles you have to overcome before you even begin the build; onboarding subcontractors. Before starting a project, safety managers are stuck organizing regulatory subcontractor documents and information and completing orientation training to ensure compliance. And to manage this, safety managers are stuck wasting time filing paperwork themselves or forced to outsource the administrative work. 

It’s tedious, but it needs to be done correctly. The pressure is on –if you’re missing any record or information, projects, jobs, or even a business as a whole is at risk. Safety Violations can jeopardize it all.

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With GoContractor, you can start projects and break ground faster, save money on admin work, and have full visibility of the workers on your job site. Learn more about how contractor software for labor management helps project and safety managers save time and money.

Put these apps to use on your construction projects, and you’ll be sure to optimize your time and make better-informed decisions. These apps are an accessible way to see how digitizing processes will produce insight on where time and money are being used on a project and help you get the job done. Use these digital tools to generate information and complete essential tasks for your construction project, such as worker prequalification, online orientations, and more.

Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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