GoContractor Integration on Procore App Marketplace

10 December 2020

GoContractor Integration in Procore. GoContractor is now available in the Procore App Marketplace. Click here to talk to sales and use the GoContractor App in Procore.

Procore helps you run projects. From managing resources and financials to project planning and closeout; the platform connects all project parties with the owner and general or specialty contractor. Using Procore allows you to zoom in on project details, manage tasks and keep a progress update. 

Using Procore is excellent for your overall operation, but like a luxury vehicle, the added perk is its capability to add on extra features to enhance your experience while using the app. Procore has an app marketplace with hundreds of solutions that integrate seamlessly with the platform– this includes our app, GoContractor

“The ability for our mutual customers to sync GoContractor’s subcontractor and worker data with Procore will help streamline workflows and have greater insight into what is happening on project jobsites.” -Doug Gibson, Business Development Manager at Procore

Integrating GoContractor with Procore has many benefits for projects. This article details what you can expect from adding the GoContractor app in the Procore App Marketplace and how to get started. 

The Power of GoContractor in Procore

The GoContractor app integration in Procore allows users to:

  • Pass critical employee, worker, subcontractor, and timecard data between the two platforms
  • Strengthen data collection on worksites while lessening the administrative burden on safety and project management personnel

The integration allows users to sync worker, subcontractor, and timesheet data between the two platforms, ensuring both systems are in sync while also minimizing data entry when building out projects.

“If you want to ensure the people on your job site are qualified to be there, with better visibility into your project or operation, GoContractor is for you. When plugged into Procore, you can save time on administrative efforts and improve your data on a worker level, giving a clearer picture to your health and safety teams. This is a huge value for companies as a whole, from those in financial planning to site managers, even a floorman dealing with timecards.” shares GoContractor CTO, Ronan O’Sullivan.

How GoContractor works and the benefits

GoContractor is a SaaS tool that allows construction companies to pre-qualify trade workers before they enter the job site. Workers can register themselves, upload regulatory documents, complete safety training, checklists, and check in and out of projects from any smart device. This automation of the worker orientation process by GoContractor serves as an easy-to-use solution for a once manual, administrative process. 

When applied, users can:

  • Pull subcontractors from Procore and upload them into their GoContractor platform
  • Transfer the worker level data collected in GoContractor over to Procore, allowing you to create workers in Procore
  • Combine your site access control data in GoContractor, check-in/check-out, to Procore’s timecards functionality, automatically syncing worker data between your two platforms

 “Many of those in the construction industry spend their entire workday in Procore because it allows you to connect all of your people and applications in one flexible platform. The great thing about adding GoContractor to integrate with Procore, is you can understand, through data analytics, the strength of subcontractors and the value of the workers they provide,” said Ronan O’Sullivan, GoContractor’s Chief Technical Officer. 

“You can understand, through data analytics, the strength of subcontractors and the value of the workers they provide” 

Those who utilize the GoContractor app on Procore will see workers who have passed their worksite’s qualifications and training on GoContractor synced into their Procore system. The integration allows users to keep records of the subcontractor workers that are on their worksite while delivering a more comprehensive view of the human capital required to complete their projects.

GoContractor’s check-in/check-out capabilities will have validated and verified data that can be automatically synced with Procore’s timecard functionality. “This provides those who use Procore with a solid worker-level data foundation,” O’Sullivan adds. 

How to add the GoContractor app in Procore

You can find The GoContractor app in the Procore App Marketplace. To get started, existing Procore customers can install the GoContractor app from the Procore App Marketplace and contact GoContractor Customer Support to enable the integration or contact GoContractor Sales to get started. 

Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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