How to Onboard your Subcontract Workers With GoContractor

22 December 2020

Onboarding your subcontract workers with GoContractor is easy. Below we discuss how managers invite workers to use GoContractor’s online portal. 

General Contractors on all large and small projects are required to manage subcontractors and subcontract workers. Many projects and safety managers have turned to online tools and software to manage this process better. 

Easy-to-use tools like GoContractor help managers onboard, train, document, and manage their subcontract workforce. With GoContractor, managers can digitally invite subcontractors and subcontract workers to register themselves and provide all necessary documents required for an upcoming project. 

Before workers step foot on a job site, they can prequalify and train themselves online through GoContractor’s online portal. Workers accept a manager’s digital invitation and log in at .

Once logged in, they are taken through an online orientation provided by the manager and instructed on how to upload any required documents or information listed by the manager. 

Once workers complete their orientation and upload all necessary materials, they are shown on the GoContractor system with a green check, signaling their qualified status to be on the worksite. 

Learn how to create an orientation in GoContractor.

How to onboard subcontractors and their workers to GoContractor

When a manager is getting started on GoContractor, they will first need to set up their Worker Group, orientation, and qualifications. A Worker Group can be a project phase, risk level, or a specific area on site. Once a manager has created their Worker Group, they can invite all subcontractors to use GoContractor to access their site’s particular orientation or registration. 

Workers only have access to their own profile and can complete courses, requirements, and qualifications for any worker group specified in their invitation.

Sending an Invite

From your admin portal, navigate to Users under Invitations on the left-hand side:

Click the blue + Invite button:

You will then be asked to choose an invitation profile, an outline of what these invitation types mean can be found here. In this case, you will select Worker. 

Select Worker and click next. You can then enter the email addresses for the people you would like to invite:

Click Send to send your invitations. These invitations will now be visible in your user’s list under Invitations as “pending”, and will change to Accepted when the user logs in:




Sonya Sikra

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