What is GoContractor’s Approval Workflow?

05 August 2021

GoContractor’s Approval workflow is designed to give you complete control over every worker’s qualifications and documentation. Here’s how it can help your construction team:

Making sure that your workers and subcontract workers are properly trained and operating safely on your jobsite is not only critical to the wellbeing of your workforce, but for the timeline and profitability of your projects. 

When considering moving worker onboarding online, many safety professionals wonder how they can be sure that their workers have completed all of the required training and submitted all the proper paperwork to be qualified to work on site. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to GoContractor’s new Approval workflow.

What is GoContractor’s Approval workflow?

GoContractor’s Approval workflow gives administrators the ability to quickly and easily see all of the information individual workers have provided before coming on-site, as well as verifying each worker has completed all required training to qualify to work.

GoContractor Approval Workflow

This means that GoContractor administrators can verify that each and every person on their worksite is 100% eligible to work, and allows them to personally approve each document or qualification that a worker has submitted or completed.  

If a worker hasn’t completed all the requirements to be on site, or has provided incorrect or incomplete information, the GoContractor administrator can notify the worker of the issue, along with a personalized explanation or note, so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

The benefits of using the Approval workflow to onboard your workers

By using the GoContractor Approval workflow, GoContractor administrators can:

  • Get a complete view of each of their worker’s training history and uploaded documents, all in one place
  • Have direct control over which workers are approved to come on site, and those that are not
  • Personally review and approve (or reject) submitted documents and completed training to make sure workers are fully compliant
  • Streamline communications between the back office and field personnel when a worker requires additional documentation or training
  • Send customized notes to workers with rejected documents or training to give them more detail into what needs to be done to complete their onboarding process successfully

How do I use GoContractor’s Approval workflow?

GoContractor’s Approval workflow is available to any GoContractor administrator that has enabled “user approval” in their GoContractor account.

To see the Approval feature in action and learn how to use this feature, make sure you watch the video below.

Not using GoContractor for your construction worker onboarding yet?

If you’re ready to make the move to digital worker onboarding, or just want to learn more about how GoContractor can save you time, improve your worker’s onboarding experience, and digitize your worker’s paperwork and critical records, click here to get a demo today.

About GoContractor
GoContractor solves efficiency and safety problems for companies at the worker level. GoContractor digitizes worker orientation and onboarding processes by helping projects achieve safety compliance and productivity before workers step foot on the job site. Workers can register, upload regulatory documents, and even complete safety training from any smart device. Used by both small and large General Contractors throughout the US and Europe, GoContractor is committed to ensuring health and safety on construction job sites. 




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