Resources for Women in Construction

09 March 2021

Resources for Women in Construction

If you’re a woman in construction, seeking community, support, events, and accessible education may help advance your career. Not to mention, connecting with and learning from other women in the field is essential to your success and the advancement of women in the industry.

The following resources for women in construction can help you connect with others in the field, learn more about other areas of the industry you may not be familiar with, and more.  

First and foremost, joining an association specifically for women can be a great way to meet other women in the industry, network, and find new opportunities within the field. Second, immersing yourself in industry news, blogs, and podcasts can help you stay in touch with what’s happening both within the industry and on other projects. Keep reading for our top association recommendations, blogs, podcasts, and more to stay involved with other women in the industry.

Resources for Women in Construction


  1. National Association of Women in Construction
  2. National Association of Professional Women in Construction
  3. Canadian Association of Women in Construction
  4. Women Construction Owners & Executives USA

Blogs and Podcasts

  1. Boots on The Ground Podcast
  3. The National Center for Construction Education and Research Blog
  4. Women in Construction Summit Blog

What to read

If you’re looking for inspiration or a more in-depth understanding of sexism in the workplace check out the book below:

Into No Woman’s Land, War Stories of a Female Construction Worker

Amy Farrell worked in construction when sexism in the industry was more than just a stereotype. It was a harsh reality. Farrell details her work in construction during this time. Men would tell Farrell, “Women in work boots and hard hats belong in nude calendars, not on real construction jobs,” … The book does a phenomenal job of showing how to overcome the challenges of the construction industry and sexism in the workplace. 

Outside of construction, these books could also help inspire you.

How to get involved

If you’re looking for ways to help other women in the industry, provide a resource for women in construction, or are a woman looking to enter the construction work force, there are tons of organizations to become involved with. One of our favorites is the NEW organization based out of New York. 

Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) develops, educates, and places women in careers in the skilled construction, utility, and maintenance trades. This helps to directly improve economic independence for women as well as provide a secure future career for women. 

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