Video: How the Access Control Feature Beats your Contractor Logistics and Management Challenges

Access Control from GoContractor on Vimeo.

GoContractor’s newly launched feature —called Access Control— helps beat your contractor logistics and management challenges.Access Control links remote worker check-in to compliance validation.

Access Control feature comes with a self-check-in/check-out feature which lets users check in onsite faster and easier but only if they meet all mandatory requirements.

Using contactor management software in industries like Energy and Infrastructure has its advantages. It includes things like specialization, cost reduction, and the ability to expand your workforce faster and with greater flexibility than with a traditional workforce approach. These advantages boost productivity and profitability.

While mechanical locks prevent entry unless someone has a key, they don’t leave a report of who entered the site and where they came in. They also can’t stop someone from coming in at a certain time of day and the keys used could be easily lost or even duplicated.

GoContractor’s check-in/check-out system ensures that workers can easily enter a site, but must meet all these mandatory requirements:

  • Their company’s documents must all be up-to-date.
  • Vital mandatory documents must all be up-to-date.
  • Any training courses required for their position have been completed.

The safety benefits involved, include the assurance that certain workers will only be submitted on-site if required health and safety training courses have been completed. Perhaps, site-specific training is essential to work for a certain location.   

But even if someone meets all these requirements, how is it possible to make sure that this is the same person expected to show-up for the job? GoContractor’s Identity Capture Feature can be used during training to take and store pictures of the person involved so that they can be easily recognized.

OSHA Director Bill Wilkerson states:

There may be just too little regard being paid to instructing people on safe work practices, having proper safety programs and procedures in place and making sure that people follow up on these things.

Access Control feature follows closely on the heels of the addition of GoContractor’s Traffic Light feature to its SaaS platform. This innovative feature simplifies the recording of worker behavior over the length of their contracts.


Jenny Snook

Jenny Snook is content executive at GoContractor with the job of researching the latest health and safety trends in the heavy industry. Her past-experience includes the research of large museum collections such as the Louth County Museum, many from the industrial age.