A Message from The GoContractor Family:

To our Network and Valued Customers,

Just like you, the GoContractor team adjusts more and more everyday to our ‘new normal’. 

It was on March 10th that all GoContractor employees began to work from home. We came together as an organization and asked ourselves first, how can we help our customers, and second, how can we help the construction industry? 

We continue to steadfastly answer those questions everyday. 

It’s been nearly two months since Europe and North America issued nation, state, province and county-wide lock downs.

Since then, we’ve launched COVID-19 specific resources, new product features that can assist projects navigating COVID-19, had company-wide Zoom Happy Hours where we all wore attire fit for the red carpet (or SNL, depends who you’re asking!).

The team worked long hours to support our customers old and new to reopen or continue construction projects that build the world around us. 

It’s for this reason that we’d like to share with you how GoContractor is currently operating during this pandemic to ensure continued service and how we plan to help construction projects and heavy industries.

Protecting the health and safety of our coworkers, clients, and the industry at large is a top priority for all of us here at GoContractor. Below you can learn more about how GoContractor is currently operating during this pandemic to ensure continued service as well as our new COVID-19 resources:

Our Commitment

In response to COVID-19, we enhanced our efforts to maintain the health and safety of our team, clients, and respective users. The entire GoContractor organization has remained fully “open for business” during this time, working from home.

Our staff is fully equipped and prepared for long-term remote work. This includes our support and tech teams.

Our business continuity plan was put into place in early March to ensure no disruption in service and to protect the well-being of our employees.  Since then, we’ve worked to onboard thousands of workers to the GoContractor platform and helped ensure hundreds of essential and non-essential projects across North American and Europe can continue or restart work during this time. 

In the past month, our tech team has built new product features and COVID-19 specific tools for industry representative bodies, such as the Construction Industry Federation in Ireland, who partnered with GoContractor to deliver a COVID-19 safety training to over 150,000 construction professionals.

As part of the CIF’s Back to Work initiative, our tech team (made up of absolute rock-stars) developed a digital card awarded to construction personnel who completed the CIF’s COVID-19 safety training. 

This digital card includes a QR code

This means workers can show their digital card on a smart device, and when scanned by another smart device, it will open a link showing whether or not the worker completed their safety training.

These digital cards are checked contact-free on the job site to ensure construction personnel have been through their safety training. 

GoContractor QR Code

As an organization, we are proud to be the chosen system to collect and deliver critical information, safety training and contact-less access control to workers.

Our New COVID-19 Resources and Tools

Your satisfaction and access to the resources and tools you need to utilize our platform is our continued focus.

We understand the need for up to date information and training for your teams and we’d like to help by creating COVID-19 resources that will be available to anyone in the industry.

Our COVID-19 resources include information, support, and tools to help you and your team navigate through this pandemic. Please continue to visit our resources and our COVID-19 specific product page. 

With GoContractor’s technology, we are in a position to help the construction industry safely return to their projects in the current and post-pandemic world. We are determined to leverage our technology to get the people who build our world back to work. 

If you’d like to talk more about how GoContractor can help with social distancing, online/remote safety training, and digital contact-less document management, click here to connect with a member of our team. We would love to talk and learn more about how we can help you and your business during this transition.

All the best,

The GoContractor Team

Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.