GoContractor COVID-19 Construction Resources

09 June 2020

In an effort to help construction projects respond and return to work safely and swiftly during and after COVID-19, GoContractor works with industry leaders to gather and create resources and tools to efficiently manage, continue and restart work safely during these uncertain times. 

Below you can find industry insights, safety training materials and tips on how to leverage tools within the GoContractor platform to communicate with, train, onboard and manage construction workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

GoContractor helps limit your physical interaction between workers, resulting in a safer working environment for everyone, both on and off the job site.

Here are our COVID-19 Resources:

UPDATED: 10/21//2020

1. Irish construction industry returns to work with GoContractor: 

Read how GoContractor helped 150,000 construction workers return to work after industry lockdown restrictions lifted in Ireland. Through partnerships with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), GoContractor facilitated the safety training, induction and digital certification that ensured workers across the country stay COVID-19 safe and compliant.

2. Free Downloadable COVID-19 Specific Safety Training: 

Download our free safety guidelines that top construction companies are using on the job site. Our COVID-19  Safety Training PowerPoint includes everything your workers need to keep in mind when operating on a project during the pandemic. Need something a little bit more engaging? Download a free COVID-19 safety training video, here.

3. How We Keep Projects Moving During COVID-19: 

Read four easy ways GoContractors helps your project run smoothly during COVID-19. See how GoContractor’s digital features can help you better manage or replace in-person tasks on the job site. Learn how Keepmoat Homes and The Miller Group used GoContractor to keep their projects moving, on time and in budget, during the pandemic.

4. How Social Distancing Works on a Construction Site

What does Social Distancing look like on a construction site? Read more here to ensure your workers are abiding by basic safety guidelines and avoiding specific COVID-19 related risks on and off the job site.

5. How You Can Get Back To Work: 

How can you prioritize projects? Learn where to begin, and how to identify priorities for your construction projects here.  Another great resource is our ‘Top worker administrative controls you need for construction site safety during COVID-19.’ Read how you can get back to work with the top worker administrative controls you need for construction site safety during COVID-19.

6. How Our Team Is Operating During Covid-19:

Check out the Message from The GoContractor Family. We discuss how we reacted swiftly to this global pandemic, added additional resources and ensured support and seamless service for our customers at this time. 

7. Digital Tools Construction Can Leverage For Social Distancing: 

Read How Construction Can Leverage Digital Tools for COVID-19. We put a spotlight on our favorite digital tools you can use on projects. Bonus: we discuss some of our own GoContractor features you can use for social distancing.

8. 5 Key Takeaways From Our Independent Construction Industry Covid-19 Survey: 

Read 5 Key Takeaways From Our Construction Industry COVID-19 Survey. We surveyed industry leaders from across the globe to learn more about how they initially responded to the global pandemic. Take a peek back on what sentiment was like as this global pandemic unfolded across the globe.

Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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