5 Key Takeaways From Our Construction Industry COVID-19 Survey

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COVID-19 is an immediate disruptor to industries around the world, particularly construction.  With so much uncertainty across the globe and in our communities, it’s important to look to one another for insight, direction, and help. 

How is construction coping with COVID-19?

GoContractor recently sent out an industry-wide COVID-19 construction survey to learn more about how the construction industry is coping with the current pandemic and what the impact of COVID-19 will be on construction sites We surveyed construction health and safety professionals, project managers, and others from Europe and North America to understand how the industry is mitigating the risks of COVID-19. Our survey results uncovered helpful insights, revealing how those in the industry are responding to COVID-19 and how construction sites are rapidly changing as a result.  Interested in what we discovered? Here’s a breakdown of some of the key takeaways from the COVID-19 Construction Survey

Download the infographic with full survey results

1. Safety is a top priority. Construction companies are reevaluating how work gets done on projects and looking for solutions to improve worker safety while efficiently navigating inevitable delays.

Over 75% of respondents agreed that construction worker safety training online rather than face-to-face or in a classroom is critical. 80% of respondents said that sending workers critical information and updates via video, word documents, or PowerPoint presentations straight to their cell phone would be useful during this time.

2. Without enhanced safety measures, employees and workers are feeling unhappy with projects that aren’t taking necessary steps to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Almost 30% of respondents felt unsatisfied with the actions taken by construction to minimize the effect that the coronavirus will have on construction projects. A majority felt that industry is not yet taking the necessary steps to lessen the impact of COVID-19.  According to records obtained under a Freedom of Information request and reviewed by The Washington Post, thousands of those working during the pandemic have filed complaints regarding their exposure to the novel coronavirus and a lack of safety at their places of employment.  The complaints submitted showcase the panic experienced by those who cannot work from home. Complaints come from an array of workers, including hospitals, construction companies, shipping companies, and more. The records reveal worker concerns about being forced to work with people who appear sick, and of working in cramped spaces that prevent them from standing six feet from one another.

3. Construction employees and workers are ready for (and want!) e-learning to refresh safety and other training. 

When asked how construction workers can best use their time if there is a downturn in construction activity, 55% suggested ‘E-learning’ to refresh safety, construction, or other skills.

4. The time to act is now.

32% of survey respondents stated that they are currently in crisis mode.  52% of respondents believe that although they are okay for now, projects need to start looking at and implementing preventive and proactive safety measures to overcome the backlash of COVID-19 on their projects. 

5. Construction workers want both safety and technology but aren’t sure where to look for a solution. 

49% of respondents had no idea how technology could help in mitigating the impact of the coronavirus. 22% said online training, communication & document management could help in reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

Our takeaway:

While juggling the issues of today (how to get work done that’s essential), construction companies should be preparing to get their businesses fully operational in a post-pandemic world, but this doesn’t mean just getting back to business as usual. With GoContractor’s technology, we can help projects implement critical safety measures that are necessary in the current and post-pandemic world. We are determined to leverage our technology to help the people who build our world get back to work.

How To Best Leverage GoContractors tools for COVID-19

With GoContractor, you can:

  • Prevent handling of worker documents – photograph, upload and verify any required information
  • Deliver socially-distant worker orientations/inductions, from any device, at any location
  • Contactless sign-in for workers at site entrance
  • Deliver site updates, new safety measures or other communications at any time, remotely

Download the infographic with the full survey results

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Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.