Video: Going Paperless with GoContractor

Going Paperless with GoContractor from GoContractor on Vimeo.

This video gives a brief description of what GoContractor has to offer its customers. Specifically, what can be done through GoContractor’s document management system, without the inconvenient method of using paper. For more information on this short introduction it is worth visiting GoContractor to learn more about their document management system.

There are a lot of disadvantages for companies who remain and often swear by using paper documents. Some of the main reasons why going paperless is a sensible choice to make, include:

  1. Time: It can take a lot of time to go through stacks of paper. Perhaps, for filing, shredding or disposal. Going paperless, any files being used online can quickly be shared with others working or training to work in the company, without the need for copying or posting.
  2. Space: Online files held in this document management system don’t take up space. A large amount of space can often be taken up by shelving or filing cabinets used to store paper documents or piles of blank sheets.
  3. Misplacement: There is often trouble finding files which can be easily misplaced or accidently disposed of. Studies have found that this happens to approximately 7% of all paper documents.
  4. Environment: Office copy paper still makes up 20% of total US paper usage. Less paper is used through online storage, but also less energy using printers, faxes and copiers.
  5. Costs involved: Costs add up buying paper and printers, but also paying for secure storage units, as well as smaller items such as ink cartages.
  6. Security: Electronic security systems are more difficult to break, compared to filing cabinet locks. Fire is another risk which could destroy documents.

What can be done through GoContractor’s contractor management system is briefly described in this video, but it is worth visiting the site to find out more about it how this system works.



Jenny Snook

Jenny Snook is content executive at GoContractor with the job of researching the latest health and safety trends in the heavy industry. Her past-experience includes the research of large museum collections such as the Louth County Museum, many from the industrial age.