Video: GoContractor Course Builder

This course builder video provides a quick and easy to understand description of the major benefits of online learning for the workers involved and your contractor management system.

With the growing number of millennials in the US workforce, F. Scott Fitzgerald states:

The millennials are different than you and me. Managers accustomed to certain practices to engage boomers are going to have to change their ways and practices, if they hope to engage and retain the newest heavily scrutinized employee cohort, the millennials.

Some of the reasons why online learning mentioned in this course builder video is becoming more important for every industry are:

  • By 2020, millennials (born 1981-1996) are estimated to make up 50% of the US workforce.
  • Studies have shown that workers born after 1980 are 2.5 times more likely to favor workplace collaboration using chat and message systems.
  • An online survey carried out by, found that 53% of its’ customers, aged 25-34 preferred to find information online, rather than talking to store staff (2018).

There are certain industries which are behind others in the use of technology and online learning, like the kind of learning mentioned in this course builder video. In the construction industry, figures from 2016-2017, showed that construction firms spent under 2% of their revenue on technology. Compared to:

  1. Banking and Securities: 7.2%
  2. Business and Professional Services: 5.8%
  3. Education and non-profits: 5.8%
  4. Travel, Media and Hospitality: 4%

Some of the reasons why it is so important to make this a top priority in the construction industry are:

  • In 2005: 10.7% of workers in US construction were 20-24, by 2015 this was 7.3%.
  • Baby Boomers within the construction industry are now reaching the age of retirement and younger workers often see the industry and training involved as old-fashioned.

This course builder video describes the process and benefits of online learning, including a course which can be taken from anywhere and is more likely to encourage millennials to enter the industry.


Jenny Snook

Jenny Snook is content executive at GoContractor with the job of researching the latest health and safety trends in the heavy industry. Her past-experience includes the research of large museum collections such as the Louth County Museum, many from the industrial age.