Capture your worker’s identity as they take their training from home

17 February 2016

If you opt for an online orientation, whereby workers are asked to pre-qualify and self orientate in advance of their first day of work, there’s one big danger… rather than completing the online orientation themselves, the worker asks someone else to do it on their behalf. How to do you achieve identity verification? They arrive on site on day one, pretending that they have completed the training and answered the test questions successfully.

Online Orientations taken from home? How do I know that the person who took the orientation is the person who shows up? Here’s how!

Obviously, this poses a huge risk as workers walk around your site without the vital information they need to do their jobs safely. Even though your company may be compliant, because the worker ticked a box agreeing that they are who they say they are, there is a human element to this issue. No health and safety manager would be satisfied with workers carrying out their daily tasks without having received a safety orientation.

Now GoContractor can remove this danger with our new Identity Capture feature which achieves identity verification. Here’s how it works.

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Once logged in the worker will be asked to provide documentation and personnel details you want to gather and they will also complete your own, customized orientation.

Throughout this process, the GoContractor platform, fully branded as your own, will take a series of photographs of the individual.

When they have completed the process you are notified and can verify that the worker is approved. (Worker Approval is an optional step). They are issued with their certificate and QR code.

When they arrive on day one, feeling prepared and ready to hit the ground running, you can scan their code from any mobile device or simply search for their details on any device, mobile or desktop.

Their worker profile, with photos included, will prove to you that this exact individual has completed your customized orientation process and can now be brought for a site walk-around, before starting work.


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Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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