Ensure Safety with GoContractor Daily Screening Checklists

14 July 2020

Everything you need to know about GoContractor’s Daily Screening Checklists

This easy-to-use feature can keep your projects safe and compliant

GoContractor’s Daily Screening Checklists allows site supervisors to ask specific yes/no questions to workers before they start every shift to confirm eligibility to work. Here, we show you how to use GoContractor for a daily safety screening of your workforce.

Daily safety screening is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers should answer COVID-19 exposure questions before they arrive on-site, and general contractors should keep records of the responses to these questions. 

Screening your workers can keep projects open, safe, and running smoothly. By screening your workers with a customized checklist, you can reduce the chances of infected workers spreading COVID to their colleagues. During the current pandemic, it’s essential to verify workers are safe to enter the job site. Screening allows peace of mind and solidifies continued safety on projects. 

Why do construction workers need daily screening?

Daily worker screening checklists on GoContractor allow job sites to experience the following benefits:

  • Quickly screen your workers before they enter the job site
  • Workers can answer COVID-19 related questions on their own before starting work, speeding up time to get on site.
  • Workers can comply with regulatory questionnaires, such as the CDC questionnaire guidelines, increasing their safety and compliance.
  • Easy to set up and automatic for workers coming on shift
  • Provides digital documentation of worker’s answers to checklist questions
  • Integration into access control and GoContractor’s check-in/check-out functionality

How construction sites can screen workers before they enter the job site:

The GoContractor Daily Screening Checklists is user-friendly for workers. Workers log into GoContractor through the website from any smart device:

Once logged in, workers click on your project, and your checklist will appear. Workers can quickly complete your screening questions. 

Setting up a daily screening of workers to ensure safety is a straightforward and easy to follow process.

Below, we discuss how you can determine your screening questions, integrate the GoContractor Daily Screening Checklists into your access control and existing work processes, ensure your workers participate, and generate and collect construction worker screening reports.

Determining your screening questions

Worker screening questions are those you ask your workers before they enter the job site to verify specific information you require. 

Under the current COVID-19 pandemic, questions could include whether or not a worker has been in contact with COVID-19, is feeling unwell and more.

Many government bodies have created their own recommended COVID-19 specific screening questions. 

Click here to view the most commonly used questions to comply with CDC requirements, in English and Spanish. 

Your screening questions should be a straightforward way to determine who should and should not enter your job site. Screening workers before they enter a job site helps keep your project compliant and safe. 

How to upload daily screening questions to your GoContractor project

Watching the short gif video below shows how easy it is to upload questions for a construction worker screening on GoContractor.

GoContractor administrative users simply insert their screening questions and mark which is the expected and alternative answer. In the example below, you can see we’ve inserted our question, ‘Have you been in contact with any person who is confirmed to have the COVID-19 virus?’ And listed the expected answer, ‘no’, and the alternative answer, ‘yes’

Once you click save, this question will be added to your checklist on GoContractor. Your worker will see the following question when completing their daily screening:

How to use the Daily Screening Checklists on your project

Like other features within GoContractor, The Daily Screening Checklists is easy to set up and customize to work for you and your project, no matter how you operate.

Projects can customize their worker screening questionnaire to comply with local laws, compliance requirements, or other needs. 

Select a custom workflow that’s right for you

GoContractor Administrators can integrate worker screening questionnaire with existing access control procedures or the GoContractor Check-in/out functionality. 

Below, we’ve listed three options you have in GoContractor for the daily worker screening checklist to adapt to your existing project workflows. Base your selection on the information below, and you’ll be in great shape to safely screen your workers.

Admin Controlled Daily ScreeningThis option is for worksites that check-in workers manually using a supervisor or security guard at your worksite access point. In this instance, the GoContractor Administrative user can ask the worker the qualifying questions when they arrive on-site and check that individual in, allowing site entry, once the worker selects the passing answers.
Access Control Integrated Daily ScreeningThis option is for sites that use GoContractor integrated access control systems such as turnstiles. In this instance, workers can answer their checklist questions on the GoContractor platform (accessed from any smart device) before arriving on the worksite. If the passing answers to your screening are collected, the individual will be allowed to check in to the site through your integrated access control system.
Worker Controlled Daily ScreeningThis option is built for work sites where the individual worker handles check-in and check-out. Worker-controlled check-in allows the individual worker to answer checklist questions themselves, and if answered correctly, workers can check in to the site. 
Check-in/out Daily ScreeningUsers of GoContractor’s Check-in/out functionality can connect their Daily Screening Checklists as a check-in requirement. This prevents a worker from checking in to your project without completing their worker screening questionnaire. Note that this is an option, and administrative users can use both check-in/out and screening checklist functionality without requiring a checklist completion for check-in.


Screen your workers before every shift

The GoContractor Daily Screening Checklists allows site managers to require qualification questions before every shift. For this reason, the worker screening questionnaire is reset every 12 hours for every worker. 

Workers will be required to re-answer the Daily Screening Checklists questions before entering the job site each day. Note that while the worker screening questionnaire resets each day, a record is kept digitally of every checklist completed and answered, available for review in your GoContractor reports.  

Enable Daily Screening on projects and collect reports

GoContractor administrators can pull date based reports showing the individual workers who completed the Daily Screening Checklists, and whether the worker completed the checklist with the appropriate, or passing responses.

GoContractor administrative users can download reports in a .XLXS file format for easy sorting, review, and record keeping. 

Getting started on your Daily Worker Screening Checklist 

We’ve reviewed what worker Daily Screening Checklists are and why you need them. We’ve also shown how you can quickly implement this procedure into your projects using GoContractor. 

Are you interested in learning more about the Daily Screening Checklists feature? Check out our frequently asked questions or book a time for our team to show you how we can help your project get started faster and safer than before.

Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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