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Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Screening Checklists


What are Daily Screening Checklists?

Daily Screening Checklists allow GoContractor administrators to create a list of specific questions that a worker must answer before they start their shift.


Why Daily Screening Checklists?

As the construction industry adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic, many worksites are requiring workers to answer a series of COVID exposure related questions each day before they start work. 

Daily Screening Checklists allow you to ask these questions individually to your workers when they come on site, or they can answer the questions on their own mobile device.  

Daily Screening Checklists are connected to GoContractors check-in features, allowing you to keep non-compliant workers out of your job site so you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on your worksite.


How often must a worker complete a checklist?

Checklists are designed to present qualification questions before every shift. For this reason, a worker’s answers to their checklist questions are reset every 12 hours. Once the answers are reset, the worker will be required to reanswer the checklist questions. Note that while the answers are reset, a record is kept of every checklist completed and is available for review in GoContractor’s reports.  


If a worker is completing their own checklist and provides one or more non-accepted answers to the checklist questions, will an administrator be notified?

Yes, the administrator for the GoContractor account will receive an email notification letting them know the worker has provided a non-accepted answer on the checklist. The administrator will also be able to look up the worker’s record in GoContractor to gather more information. 


If a worker submits a non-accepted answer to a screening checklist question, can that worker still be checked in on a worksite?

Yes, if a worker submits a non-accepted answer, a site administrator will be able to manually check in that individual. 


If I am using check-in and check-out functionality in my GoContractor account, can I make my screening checklist questions required before they can check-in on site?

Yes. Users of check-in/out functionality in GoContractor can connect check-in/out with their screening checklist to prevent someone from checking in without completing their daily screening checklist. Note that this is an option and both check-in/out and screening checklist functionality can be used without requiring a checklist completion for check-in.


Do daily screening checklists display different languages based on the worker’s language preference?

No. There is only one checklist that can be displayed, however, you can input the questions and answers into your checklist using both languages. For example, is you wanted to enter “Yes” as the answer to a question in both english and spanish, you would input “Yes/Sí.


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