The Future of Construction Technology: What NY Construction Industry Leaders are Saying

06 March 2020

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NYBuild pulled together top leaders in the construction industry; what was leading the conversation? The future of construction technology.

The largest construction and design expo in New York City took over the Javits Center this week– the expo was jam-packed with thought-leaders, trailblazers and go-getting professionals. 

The floor was filled with over 250 exhibitors and thousands of attendees who listened in on the different workshops and panel discussions happening on both days of the event. There was a lot to see and a lot to absorb. Not only did attendees enjoy the expo’s sponsor booths to learn about new products, there were also insightful work-shops, all free for attendees. 

GoContractor had the pleasure of participating in this prominent industry gathering as sponsors as our CEO, John Naughton, appeared as a guest speaker on the Bridging the Skills Gap: Building the Future Workforce panel.

Future of Construction Technology

Our aim when joining the event was to get in front of consumers and further advance the conversation of construction technology as part of the growth and future of the construction industry. But, at such a fast-paced event, we couldn’t help but engage, explore and interact with the countless professionals on the floor.

There were five stages set up throughout the venue, where several panel discussions and workshops took place. Some of the topics covered throughout the two days ranged from Digitalizing the Built Environment, Maintaining a Positive Safety Culture, Enhanced Turnover Solutions, and Using Technology to Streamline Workflows, just to name a few. Regardless of the topic category, there was an underlying inclination to mention construction technology as an essential point to consider. 

We connected with and listened to panel discussions from construction leaders across New York City. From finance, to architecture, engineering, construction design, and more– one thing top-industry players agreed on is the urgency to adapt construction technology to both drive results and remain highly competitive with the global industry.

“Technology is not going anywhere. Going into 2021, you can expect to see more tech companies partnering with firms and being a part of the process.”

The urge for a “culture shift” in construction, and “finding new ways to get the job done,” with construction technology as a resource stood out as a conducive way for projects to reach their goals. 

Despite the U.S. construction industry traditionally being known as one of the slower industries to adopt technology, the tide is changing. 

Digital transformation is leading the conversation for the future of construction in New York. Conversations around the need for change and the role technology plays in the industry were top of mind for event-goers.

Reduce my project timeline and save me money. When construction site onboarding is completed online, subcontractors and their workers are able to start work on the jobsite, faster. 

So, what’s next for the construction industry? How will it continue to thrive and reach market demand while maintaining efficiency, safety, budget and ethics? 

GoContractor CEO, John Naughton, offered some excellent insight to address this question during the Bridging the Skills Gap: Building the Future Workforce panel. 

Co-panelists who joined the conversation were Esi-Kilanga Bowser, Director of Green Engineering at Turner Construction Group, Luciano Bana, Senior Vice President at Hudson Meridian Construction Group, and moderator, Cherise Myers, Senior Manager with New York City Transit.

The conversation embraced construction technology, youth and creating a company culture with team-building as a priority. Panelists agreed that together, as an industry, we need to work towards creating a brighter future that can defeat the industry-wide labor shortage.

Building the future of the construction and meeting the demand of the market means finding new ways to get the same work done and making it a priority to put new systems into place that will help improve the overall process of a construction project. 

Esi-Kilanga, Director of Centralized Engineering at Turner Construction Group, pointed out the importance of “utilizing technology as a tool” and not a replacement. The challenge our industry faces is figuring out how to leverage productivity, accuracy, and effectiveness with technology as a leading resource. 

In the age of digitalization, we should all be utilizing construction technology to attract new talent, improve our processes and streamline work to increase efficiency. 

The construction industry isn’t afraid of technology, nor is it unequipped to embrace technology. The construction industry simply needs direction on how to take advantage of the tools right in front of them.

GoContractor makes it a priority to work closely with construction project managers and safety managers to ensure they are well-versed in how to implement our software for a safer, more productive job site.

GoContractor can be a resource to you and your team by saving you time and money on onboarding, safety training and more. 

Construction projects want to guarantee safety compliance and productivity at the start of every project. Yet, jobsites face a hurdle before they ever break ground.

Onboarding construction workers results in tedious paperwork, safety training, orientations, and more. 

Before construction workers can begin their work, managers have to collect regulatory worker documents and information to ensure safety compliance. To achieve this, safety managers are stuck wasting time filing paperwork themselves, or they’re forced to outsource their administrative work. 

What’s worse, when we don’t have a clear record of this data, we risk not knowing who the people on our job site are — preventing us from making critical decisions down the line to improve site efficiencies and productivity. 

No project should have to roll the dice when it comes to being compliant… and everything we do should result in a productive output. 

Managing your worker onboarding should be more than easy…it should be seamless.  

GoContractor is the contractor management tool top construction companies use to automate subcontractor and worker management. Interested in learning more? Click here to watch a demo, showing you how we can save you time and money.

Alexis Harris
Alexis Harris

Alexis is the Marketing Coordinator at GoContractor. Her focus is on growing our network with quality social content and connecting with industry professionals through events/networking.

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