New GoContractor Product Features: Q4 2020

07 January 2021

This article includes new product features in GoContractor for Admins and more.

2020 was a very notable year for GoContractor. 

At the start of the pandemic, we partnered with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) and helped over +150,000 construction workers across Ireland return job sites safely. We announced exciting new integrations, including our worker level data integration with Procore Technologies, and were selected as one of the first five NEXTCoalition Partner firms. But that’s not all, we also made some helpful and powerful changes to our product in the last quarter of 2020.

Like all winning software, GoContractor continually improves our product features to meet our customers’ needs, making their workday better.

We’re committed to listening to our customers and implementing changes that improve GoContractor’s functionality and use on the job site. Let’s dive right in and discuss what product features are new in GoContractor what you can expect in 2021. 

What’s new in GoContractor: Product Release Notes for Q4 2020

For Admins

GoContractor Admins, those who ‘own’ and manage the use of GoContractor on their project, now have the capability to: 

  • Admins can customize and choose email notifications. Under “My Settings,” an admin can choose which emails they should and should not receive.
  • Admins can receive an email when a user becomes ‘qualified.’ Admins can now receive an email when a worker or ‘user’ is qualified on GoContractor. 
  • Admins can filter for ‘check-in’ entries for a particular worker group. This gives Admin’s a better view of their workforce and those on their project.
  • Admins can customize the text for projects in the field “choose what best suits you,” just another way that Admins can customize GoContractor to work with their unique project!
  • Admins can now see the contact details of a subcontract worker.
  • Admins can easily see who approved or rejected the status of a requirement. Hovering over the ‘Review Status’ of a requirement now shows the Admin’s name who approved/denied a worker’s requirement status. 

In reports

  • The ‘User Data’ report now includes email, phone, upload/document expiry, course expiry, and a link to the worker’s profile.
  • The qualification report now includes qualification expiry dates. 

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What’s next

A new GoContractor feature, Analytics, is now live and piloting for select GoContractor customers. This feature provides data at a glance for both worker invitations and qualifications. Watch GoContractor Analytics in action here:



Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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