Health and Safety – Head it off at the pass or ta...

Health and Safety – Head it off at the pass or tackle it head on?

07 November 2014

Tackling Health and Safety Head On Let’s start with a story that may not seem directly related to health and safety. The legendary hero of Irish […] read more

Ebola Safety Training

Ebola Safety Training

06 November 2014

The situation on the ground Working in crisis situations is never easy and any support that can be given to management in maintaining safety on site […] read more

5 PPE Employer Responsibilities

5 PPE Employer Responsibilities

17 October 2014

5 PPE Guidelines All Employers Should Know 1. Definition Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Employer Responsibilities should begin with an understanding of what it is firstly. PPE can […] read more

Blended Learning – What business needs to know

Blended Learning – What business needs to know

09 October 2014

Blended learning is a term used in education theory to cover a learning method that involves different forms of delivery. Usually the delivery methods are online […] read more

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

26 September 2014

  Running a business, either big or small, is a busy venture and it can be hard to cover all bases. Fire safety is particularly important […] read more

Seasonal Hiring: 5 Tips for Success

Seasonal Hiring: 5 Tips for Success

16 September 2014

It is fair to say that hiring seasonal workers is a great deal different from hiring permanent staff. Seasonal hires have to arrive with previous experience […] read more

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