Rethink Your Subcontractor Orientations

14 January 2021

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to implement a contractor management system. With the right technology, your team members and workers will be able to seamlessly adapt to using an online subcontractor orientation system. 

Construction companies all over the world are starting to realize the benefits of contractor management software that focuses on automating or digitizing outdated processes within the industry. Through integrated technology, you can streamline your processes, reduce cost, and improve onsite operations and contractor relationships. 

Let’s take subcontractor orientations, for example. For many construction companies, this process requires a lot of administrative work, filing paperwork, scanning documents and not to mention time-consuming on-site safety training. 

What if the entire process of providing orientations to the job was more efficient? What if you could avoid the administrative workload by digitizing your subcontractor worker orientations?

Choosing the right construction tech can help you stay competitive and achieve your business goals. 

But how do you replace legacy systems or processes with a new software without being overwhelmed with the technology selection and purchasing process?

Why make the switch from legacy systems or a historic process to new software?

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that your current process of managing contractors may be inefficient and cost prohibitive. 

Think about the time and energy it requires to onboard contractors with in-person orientations, manual administration, and collection of worker documents. When your company’s safety professionals or management staff have to do these tasks over and over again, it takes away from other important tasks they could be doing elsewhere. 

You must recognize that any fears or apprehension you may have about adopting a new technology are only getting in the way of your own success.

The good news is, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to implement a contractor management system. And your contractors don’t need to be either in order to use it. In fact, making the switch from in-person orientation to online, for example, can make life a whole lot easier for everyone involved.

The Benefits of a Contractor Management System 

Utilizing technology for contractor management has several benefits. 

For instance, using subcontractor orientations as an example, workers can get started up to three times faster when utilizing a remote onboarding system. You no longer have to dedicate the first day (or week) to training contractors and reviewing documents when it can all be done before the workers ever step foot on site.

You’ll also save a significant amount of time and money with every project. Companies who have implemented construction tech have reported savings of tens of thousands, in both man hours and dollars spent.

Another benefit is having one central, accessible place for all contractor documents that can be accessed from anywhere. You’ll stay organized and be able to better manage your data. You’ll even be notified if worker documents, qualifications, or training are about to expire… before it happens. 

Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business

Before choosing construction tech for your business, you need to understand your company’s needs, challenges, and goals. 

What system are you currently using, and how is it holding you back? What are the main problems you are hoping to solve?

You should also be sure to evaluate a software’s features, flexibility, and level of support. 

You want to choose something that is customizable, easy to implement, and easy to use. After all, the point of a contractor management system is to reduce the level of time and frustration it takes to onboard workers.

Whenever possible, you should try to schedule a demonstration of the product or sign up for a free trial. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform and see how it can be best utilized for your workplace. 

Reimagine Subcontractor Orientations

GoContractor is the leading contractor management software that allows you to register, train, and manage your workers online. We help clients automate the subcontractor onboarding journey. Workers can register themselves, upload all required documents, and complete their safety training and orientation.

The GoContractor Difference:

  • GoContractor creates a list of everyone on the job site, noting who is qualified to be there and who is not. Other platforms simply house a list of names and documents, but don’t offer any sort of notification for when training and qualifications expire. 
  • GoContractor can store your information online. Instead of using a desktop application or single-server software systems, you can grant access to multiple team members and allow them to access the platform from anywhere. It even integrates with other pieces of technology, such as Procore and Access Control. 
  • GoContractor is highly customizable. Your in-house trainings can be uploaded via powerpoint, video, and most other applications. You can even create custom quizzes to accompany your training. 

Choosing construction tech for your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The benefits of contractor management software systems are clear. 

Managers can worry less about the ongoing tasks associated with onboarding contractors, and can focus on other aspects of the business. Contractors can get to work sooner. And your company will notice a significant savings in the cost of onboarding new clients.

Rest assured that GoContractor is an easy-to-use technology that was created specifically for the construction industry. Your team and incoming contract workers will be able to seamlessly adapt to this leading contractor management system. 

Thinking about implementing a contractor management system for your workplace? Click here to schedule a demo with a GoContractor representative. See for yourself how our technology can help you improve safety and compliance on your jobsite.

Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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