What is the GoContractor Connect App?

16 June 2021

Introducing the GoContractor Connect App, the construction worker onboarding app available for iOS and Android.

A construction onboarding is often the first thing a trade, contractor or construction worker will do before they step foot on a construction site to start working. In the past, workers often gathered into jobsite trailers to receive this onboarding and orientation from various safety managers. Unfortunately, this traditional in-person onboarding method takes time, it can also lead to gaps in education due to language differences and an increased risk of project delays due to inconsistent delivery. 

But now, with apps available for download like GoContractor Connect, workers can complete site onboarding from their mobile device, in a standard, simplifed format. By using the GoContractor Connect app, construction companies have a digital overview of every qualified worker on their projects. 

What is GoContractor Connect?

GoContractor Connect is the easiest way for trade, contractor, and construction workers to complete your worksite onboarding using their Apple or Android device. This app is free to download for workers and allows them to:

  • Upload required documents and qualifications, such as OSHA certificates, Safepass, and more.
  • Complete standard training courses and site orientations developed uniquely for that project
  • Provide digital identification when they arrive on site
  • Access safety training in their desired language and use accessibility features such as text-to-speech
  • Complete site safety quizzes and safety questionnaires 

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The benefits of digital worker onboarding on a mobile device

Onboarding a subcontracted workforce safely and productively is critical for effective site safety management. Poor onboarding can lead to costly delays, such as injuries or stop-work orders, so it’s essential to manage this process correctly. But doing so isn’t always easy. 

Safety teams interact with contractors in a limited time frame, less so than they do with their employees. Laborers have different skill sets, and often are working on different locations or scopes of the project. On some sites, many of the workers may not speak English, creating a language barrier and misunderstanding in their safety training and orientation. 

Nevertheless, it’s critical to onboard every worker on the job site in a safe, orderly manner. 

Digital solutions like the GoContractor Connect app makes onboarding workers easy for construction companies while also giving workers an easy way to complete their site orientation. 

Benefits for trade, contract, and construction workers:

  • Access to site orientation before stepping foot on the job site
  • Ability to quickly upload certifications, ID, and other required documents
  • Available at any time and can be completed at your own pace
  • Ability to complete course in the chosen language
  • Digital card to show you are qualified to be on the job site

Benefits for construction companies:

  • Digital record of all worker documents and safety training
  • Ability to see at a glance what percentage of your workers are qualified and safety compliant
  • Offer standard onboarding experience to all workers on a job site
  • Reduce onboarding time 
  • Alleviate administrative work 
  • Integrate with your access control systems or other apps like Procore

How do you use the GoContractor Connect App?

GoContractor Connect is free for all workers to download. To access the app, download from your app store on your Android or iOS device. 

After downloading, workers can create or log into an existing GoContractor account. 

Once logged in, workers are taken directly to the ‘My Invite’ page to accept a project invite or enter an invitation code. Then, by clicking ‘Go’ on the invitation, workers can access their site orientation and get started. 

Uploading a qualification

After ‘Getting Started’ and clicking ‘Go’ on the invitation page, workers can click the ‘Start Here’ Button on the project page. After doing so, they can upload requested documents by clicking the ‘Add Document’ button and answering other related questions on the page. 

Completing safety training

After uploading any required qualification, users are taken to the start course page for project that require safety training. Here they can review slides or videos with important information. 

Complete a Quiz:

After completing your course, you can then quiz users on the subject matter. This is a great way to stress the importance of safety practices, like working at heights, avoiding electrical shock, being aware of struck-by-hazards, and more. 

Check In/Check Out

Using the GoContractor Connect App, workers can also check in or out of your project. This is done by navigating to the profile page and selecting the ‘Check-in’ button. Then, after answering all required checklist questions and clicking the ‘Confirm’ button, they will be checked in to your project. 

Where to download GoContractor Connect?

It’s free to download the GoContractor Connect App and create an account. Click here to download in your app store. 

About GoContractor
GoContractor solves efficiency and safety problems for companies at the worker level. By moving worker orientation and onboarding processes to a digital format, GoContractor helps projects achieve safety compliance and productivity before workers even step foot on the job site. Workers can register, upload regulatory documents, and even complete safety training from any smart device. Used by both small and large General Contractors throughout the US and Europe, GoContractor is committed to ensuring health and safety on construction job sites. 




Sonya Sikra

Sonya is the Brand Strategy Manager at GoContractor. She specializes in communicating how implementing tech in construction can drive productivity and profit.

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