Video: How to Solve the Construction Industry’s Productivity Problems

GoContractor Dublin Breakfast Briefing January 2019 with CIF and Dr. Ibrahim Odeh from GoContractor on Vimeo.

At the Dublin Breakfast Briefing on 16th January, set up by GoContractor in collaboration with Construction Industry Federation, the role of technology in solving issues in productivity in construction industry was the main issue that was focused on.

productivity in construction industry

While meeting deadlines and staying within the budget are vital methods of improving productivity, safety must always be made the top priority or a lot more money could be lost after an accident occurs. In this video, GoContractor COO Julie Currid explains how the use of this online onboarding platform will mean that:

The company will have peace of mind that all contractors and subcontractors are safe and compliant before they actually arrive on-site.

One of the ways which this can be done is the use of identity capture, offered by GoContractor to confirm that the right person has arrived on-site for the current job.

Click here to understand these benefits in more detail, explained by Julie Currid at the Breakfast Briefing: (Link)

productivity in construction industry

Dr. Ibrahim Odeh, Research Director and Founder of the Global Leaders of Construction Management (GLCM) at the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at Columbia University, New York City was the main speaker, on the day.

Believing that the incorporation of new technology (such as the online onboarding offered by GoContractor) is the most successful way of encouraging more people to enter the traditional construction industry, he states in this video:

I believe in the younger generation coming into our industry.

At the event Dr. Odeh discussed key megatrends that are shaping the future of the industry and the major impact that they are likely to have on productivity in construction industry.

These megatrends, as well as other issues that were brought up on the day to solve productivity issues in construction industry are discussed in more detail in the blog.


Jenny Snook

Jenny Snook is content executive at GoContractor with the job of researching the latest health and safety trends in the heavy industry. Her past-experience includes the research of large museum collections such as the Louth County Museum, many from the industrial age.