GoContractor Covid-19: How We Keep Projects Moving During COVID-19

GoContractor Covid-19: How We Keep Projects Moving During COVID-19 Read Time: 4 Minutes

Construction companies are seeking new ways to make sites safer for their workers. With the coronavirus’s additional risk, managers are adopting tech solutions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on their projects. 

From wearable technology that ensures social distance is maintained, to administrative solutions that remove the risk of contamination, leaders in the industry are rapidly adopting technology to ensure worker safety. 

With GoContractor, you can keep projects running smoothly. We look at how project and safety managers are using our easy-to-use app for worker screening, access control, online safety training, and more.

Here’s how our customers are using GoContractor Covid-19 to keep their projects moving during this time:

1. Reduce the need for physical interaction and limit physical proximity on projects 

As you resume or kick off new projects, you’ll need to onboard your subcontractors and their workers. Onboarding entails the collection of essential documents when you register new trade workers, including collecting, photocopying, and saving worker identification, certifications, and more. Traditionally this process is done in-person on the job site. Our customers have removed the risk of conducting in-person registrations by moving this entire process online with GoContractor.

GoContractor allows your subcontractors and their workers to complete this registration and onboard themselves online before stepping on the job site. Not only is this process more efficient than the outdated (and now high risk) in-person process, but it also allows you to limit the physical distance between workers and employees on the job site. You get a seamless onboarding process that automates administrative work, all while maintaining social distance. 

Another crowded practice on the job site is safety training via your site inductions. These safety trainings are typically done on the job site, in a classroom-style setting. These training protocols vary from job site to job site but are essential to ensuring safety compliance on projects. 

GoContractor’s customers share that moving these inductions online not only saves them time but are an easy way to allow for social distance. Your safety training can be customized in the GoContractor platform to meet your organization’s training requirements. Workers can view training, take quizzes, and complete their site C 19 inductions from the safety of their homes. If creating a custom online induction seems like a hassle, no worries. GoContractor has ready-to-go safety training templates that cover the most common areas of traditional construction C 19 inductions, including how social distancing works on a construction site. You can even use these templates as a jumping-off point, customizing where you see fit and what makes sense for your specific job site. 

Click to Download a free GoContractor COVID-19 Induction Safety Training PowerPoint/pdf here 

Our customers also use GoContractor Covid-19 to help keep their projects moving forward during COVID-19 with our QR code feature. 

The QR code feature can help streamline the flow of people on and off construction sites. When enabled, managers scan a worker’s QR code with any smartphone camera (on a printed card, smartphone, or hard hat sticker), and identify the worker. When scanned, the QR code will open up the worker’s profile, showing managers if the worker is qualified to be on the job site. With this, you can ensure compliance with site regulations and use it to ‘check’ workers in and out of the job site. This scanning is contact-free, further limiting your worker interactions.

2. Mitigate risk 

When you complete inductions online rather than in person, you’re not only ensuring social distance; you’re providing a better learning experience for your workers. 

Why does this matter? Because better learning experiences result in a less accident-prone workforce. Elearning accommodates everyone’s needs. With GoContractor, workers can learn at their own pace, and even in their own language. You can update your safety training with COVID-19 guidelines as they change and quickly alert your workers to complete these trainings as well. You can also create site-specific courses for a selection of workers. Let’s say, for example, only a specific portion of the job site will need to learn the proper sanitization of heavy equipment. With GoContractor, you can make this information mandatory for that group of workers.

Ultimately, eLearning is an easier way to ensure workers retain essential safety information. Unlike a classroom, workers can take as much time as they need to ensure they understand specific site procedures and details. With GoContractor, when you add a new course, you can alert your workers to complete that course immediately. This is helpful as regulations can change weekly during the current global pandemic. What works today might not work tomorrow. Instead of gathering everyone up on-site, you can remain agile and distribute new safety training or site information at a rapid pace, all online. 

3. Manage workers remotely

As mentioned earlier, you can prevent your workers from accidental contamination with GoContractor’s Covid-19contact-free check-in and check-out capability with the use of the QR code. Your site security can scan the worker’s code when entering and exiting the job site, and not have to come into contact with contaminated equipment or paperwork.

GoContractor’s platform can also show you which workers and subcontractors are compliant at a glance, alerting you when there’s a problem, such as expiring documents. 

Keeping your site safe and ensuring your workers are health and safety compliant is more important than ever before. With GoContractor, you even have the option to personally approve all companies and workers before they step foot on your project.

GoContractor’s worker approval feature provides an extra layer of security and compliance. What does this mean? With worker approval enabled, you can specify which information requires additional approval. This feature gives you the ability to approve or deny who can and cannot work on your job site, based on the customized requirements you choose.

4. Integrate with other site safety and productivity controls

At the start of this article, we mentioned wearable technology to ensure social distancing. This type of technology, like Triax’s recently launched proximity trace software (it assures social distancing measures), or Trimble’s CrewSight access control can integrate with the GoContractor platform and your worker database. 

We have built-in flexibility in our platform that allows for verified worker profiles independent of any employer. This means GoContractor is a ‘single source of truth’ for your worker information. This data can be used in your other productivity or safety solutions, such as site access, wearable worker tech, project management software, and more.

How can GoContractor help you?

The GoContractor team is here to support you during this uncertain time. Subcontractor worker management doesn’t need to be difficult or unorganized, with easy to use technology like ours, you can digitize this administrative process all while implementing safety measures for a safer work site. 

Ultimately, the best part about GoContractor Covid-19 is that it’s easy for you and your workers to use. 97% of trade workers who use GoContractor gave us a 5-star rating. For an industry known to oppose tech, that’s a stat we’re incredibly proud of.

If you’d like to learn more about how GoContractor can help your project, we’d love to talk. Click here to schedule a demo. 



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